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Here is Zoe, a pointer/pit mix that we adopted from a shelter. She is a high energy, full of love dog. Very active and athletic, will go wherever I go.

Zoe in Maine:

Waiting to jump off boat:

At Tucks:

Tired Zoe:
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A couple favorites from this past summer:

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Originally Posted by killclimbz View Post




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Nadia [GSD]  at 18 months on a day hike in the Eastern High Sierra CA at about 9800 ft.











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I think this picture about sums it up.




A very happy Willy Wonka plays Frisbee.


100_0342.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo


Simba blocking the entrance to the big dog house. Three or four dogs can fit in this dog house at once.


100_0352.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo




100_0360.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo




100_0359.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo


More coming soon!


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Sammy...aka Boner.


100_0350.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo


Lady Bug


100_0337.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo




100_0362.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo




100_0365.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo




100_0369.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo


Willy Wonka in action.


100_0348.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo


Come on, just a little bite...No? Well then, how about a lick?


100_0344.jpg picture by Johnnys_Zoo


Just in case you are wondering. We have a small farm, aka, 'The Zoo'. All of these dogs are rescues. There are more!

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The little ones at Mt.Snow last month

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Here's Jago(L) and Rocket (R) both rescues.

We just picked Rocket up from a no-kill shelter a couple of months ago, he's 8 or 9 and we are his 6th home.


and Valley, another Rescue.


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My Bulldog who would have just turned 14 but didn't

Sure do miss him....

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Me and the boys!


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Bump for the slide show of the Iditarod.  I can't post pictures any more, so here's a link to a particularly endearing picture.  http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Iditarod-Trail-Sled-Dog-Race/ss/events/sp/030709iditarod/im:/090309/ids_photos_wl/r1152537643.jpg/#photoViewer=/090307/483/e1f499fab8ee4a4492f7ff5a2ac409ac


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Thanks for posting that SugarCube!


It brings back some fond memories of my visits to Alaksa and meeting Susan Butcher.


I usually try and catch part of the Pedigree Tour when I'm in WY.

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dog goes up



dog goes down


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This is our 9 yr old Lab mix, Ellie in her element...




And this is our 5 yr old Mastiff, Eva doing what she does best...


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Originally Posted by cuff46 View Post
How about some love for our other furry creatures???

Well I know my dog would LOVE to chew on them for a while, hows that?

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Neither of mine go skiing.  The big one has a lot of health issues and the little one we just got and isn't tall enough to hang out in the snow.


This is Mackinac (after the island).  She is 6-1/2 years old.



This is Franchesca (aka The Flying Nun).  She is 5 months old. 


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Here's a few of Sophie....





Mr. Bacon...

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Originally Posted by splitter View Post

dog goes up



dog goes down


Next to my own, Dakota and Maddie are my favorite dog-Bears.

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Originally Posted by SugarCube View Post


Next to my own, Dakota and Maddie are my favorite dog-Bears.

They say thanks


dakota, bob, and kai.  oh, and jake.



fun with roller balls



little slope back to the car



old maddaroo



corn tracks on the right, corn dog tracks on the left


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Nice Corn Harvest Stoke!! 

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This is Lola (the one in back). She's new. Got her as a rescue, only 5 months old...she's about 7 months in this recent picture.


She's a great dog. Except she eats socks. But that makes us keep socks off the floor, which isn't terrible. She loves to run, is crazy fast already, and I know she'll be a great mtb companion. And damn does she want to hunt. 


This was her first kayak trip, and she did pretty well.





And here she is in the snow -- a day or two before we got her.


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Here's Toby enjoying a late season snow day while my two youngest boys have built a ski jump at the end of the culdesac to do 360's.  Skiing 50 ft from the house sure is convenient...






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Hi again everyone…it’s me, Millie!


It’s my 14th Birthday and I wanted to give a shout out to all my friends




Well, I’m starting to feel my age a bit more.  My hips hurt and I can’t do many of the things I once took for granted.  Winter is particularly hard on my joints as I walked about the loop:





But it's okay…I'm cool with my age...I still have a huge heart, a big head that everyone loves to pat, and apparently my paws betray my age and have many meeting me for the first time think that I’m still a puppy growing into them…I dig that:


So…as I told these youngsters not long ago; It’s not the chase…it’s the love that keeps you going:





That’s about it on my birthday for now.  I’m told that I can’t eat cake…but they let me log in and post.  I’m still having a hard time with that.  If I’m old enough to post why can’t I eat cake?  Whatever…


I’ll be looking in now and then this summer to see how everyone is doing hoping that this thread along with the bone I like will not get buried somewhere I can’t find it.  Woof!





Actually, I’ll reminisce a little more…it is my Birthday…

Yup, back in the day I was pleased that a girl like me [I'm on the right] could kick this guys butt chasing down the tennis ball:



I also miss, when I was much younger, the thrill of the rodent chase [but never catching as them...they taste terrible] …topping it off with a long swim in the cool ocean:



I do sometimes think about the good old days when I could hear a bit better and was more alert to the sound of a tennis balls bouncing or that damn squirrel moving around the yard:

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Happy Birthday Millie!!  


Your friends,

Mawenzi and Nordica 

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Millie reminds me of my long time faithful friend Molly.  

Happy Birthday Millie.  I hope you enjoy your dog dayz as much as Molly did. 

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just a few from the dog park











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Larry did like to cross dress...

You're my master and I love you 




They are so cure at this age...

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and a few more for a rainy day







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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post

Larry did like to cross dress...

You're my master and I love you 



Larry looks like a great family friend. 

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This morning the dogs and I went to a couple of beaches and got sand to ceremoniously mix at the wedding.


I'm postin' away in this dog pic thread recently so might as well...


for dark sand






dakota at the light sand spot











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