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New boot & No pain - too good to be true?

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After many hours of trial & error with a few local ski shops (there's no known good bootfitter in town at all ), I finally bought a pair of Dalbello Krypton Cross in 25.0 size.

They are comfortable on the 1st try and even after keeping them on for 30min, they feel good - no pain, no pinch, just a little snug. I can wiggle my toes in the boot a little but heel is solid (as in doesn't move at all). Still haven't gone to the hill yet so don't know how it would feel after a day / few hours.

But what got me thinking was my last pair of cheap Salomon (Performa 5) was same size and they feel WAY too big (one of many reasons for the new boot). Have I bought another pair of too-big-boots? Between the liner packed out & wrong shape, my feet can swim in that boot (after 2 years).

During my shopping saga, the only other pair that fits almost as good was a Technica Diablo Sparks in 24.5. That means I can fit in a 24 shell?

Am I being over worried / sensitive?

A little lost :
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and the shell fit on the kryptons is ??????

you might fit a 24 shell in some brands, but the shell fit is the starting point for us to say to big or OK
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I have about 17mm between my heel & the Krypton shell. And I also measured my feet which works out to 250mm (length) exact.
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for me that is close call.... you say about 17mm is that a big 17mm or a small 17mm the next shell down will be 10mm shorter whcih leaves around 7mm space, i guess this one [and no doubt someone will dissagree] is a little bit about what you want from your skiing, how much time you are goint to be spending on the hill and the amount of comfort/performance that you are looking for... 17mm is on the generaous side for a performance fit but IMO is OK for comfort, if you are a recreational skier spending 1 -2 weeks a year then it is probably fine....... what liner is in the boot, this will determine how much it packs down and whether you can get into the smaller size without too many problems. the fact that the performa wa sthe same size [it is a much more generous shell] would suggest that you may well be able to go down... i think you need to find a bootfitter to assess the rest of the fit as length alone is only one measurement... i understand there are none nearyou but take the plunge and find one
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Thanks for the comments Colin.

I think its a small 17mm. Tried using different sticks, rods, fingers, etc. and they all come to within 1mm. The boot comes with the Trufit Ceramic liner, not the new ID liner

I hear ya about bootfitter... but my dilemma is whether to keep or return the boot while its still new. And of course, there's the challenge of finding a size 24 shell this time of year.

I put them on in the house again last night for 30 min. No need to crank down any buckles and even after 30 min, my feet are still very snug inside without any movements. I probably ski about 20-25 days a year. Just a learning intermediate though I have a crave for technical skills
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I fear too big. The Krypton fit long to size. That said work may have to be done to accommodate width. ID liners and Footbeds will help all this along.
Why oh why don't people that sell boots follow simple principals to remove these kind of doubts. How long does it take to shell check someone?
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Thought I'll give the "final installment" of my quest...

Looked around for a size 24.5 everywhere & no luck, and ski day came up so off I went to try these on the hills twice.

So far, they are still snug & very comfortable. No pain whatsoever. And give me great feel of the snow compared to the last boot.

As a few suggested, maybe I could (should) have bought a 24.5 (if I can find it) - a little tighter fit would be even better.

But overall, I'm happy with the purchase

BTW - could I add a flat insole in there to take up more room so it will feel/fit a touch more snug?
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if you have [which s sounds like you have] kept the boot to ski in then i would not put a volume reducer into the boot yet....wait until you need it then put in a flat plate
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Thanks for the suggestion Colin...

Yes - have kept the boots & ski in them already. No issue at all other than the thought that "maybe it will feel better if it is a little more snug". As is, my feet doesn't lift or move inside the boot & its comfortable.

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