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Tahoe/Reno March 21-29, 2008

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Hey Bears,

The Powdigger mountain tour 08 comes to a dramatic conculsion this year with a family trip to Tahoe. I will be skiing Squaw, Mt. Rose, Sugar Bowl and even Donner Ski Ranch.

We will probably spend at least one day a North Star. I could be talked into Kirkwood if it snow.

Anyway I know the usual suspects out there and I will be dropping you guys some emails. So if anyone else wants to set up a meet just drop a note into this thread.


Ps: Actually I will probably be in Aspen/Vail in April but don't tell my wife when you see her!!!:
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Gettin closer.
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I'll be at Alpine Meadows March 28-30, in case you decide to tear yourself away from the gnar at Donner Ski Ranch. I'll be in civilian guise on Friday -- in which case, I'll probably be on baby blue PM Gear Bro Models, wood-grain Fischer Big Stix, or Praxis Powders -- and doing my last weekend of patrol training on the 29th & 30th -- in which case, I'll be on one of the above and wearing a blue bib with a white cross.
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Ya alpine is definitely the place to go. I love that resort
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Alpine. I will look for you at the Meadows. I will PM you one I hit Reno.

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I'll be at Alpine that weekend as well. Testing for my level 1 on that Monday... so I will probably spend most of Sunday practicing.
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I'll probably be at Kirkwood on 3/22.
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I'll be at Alpine starting tomorrow through Easter Sunday. Probably skiing/riding with AlpineDad next weekend.
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(Sadly, I'm taking next weekend off.)
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I'll be at Kirkwood that week, but I still need to nail down the dates.
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Originally Posted by alpinedad View Post
(Sadly, I'm taking next weekend off.)

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Originally Posted by StormDay View Post

Yeah. Trying to make up for it with three-day weekends this weekend and the last weekend of the month. But next weekend will be my only weekend home since... well, I think there was one in January, but it could've been Xmas.

We miss you guys on the north side of the lake....
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We are probably going to get spring pass at Alpine. Planning on a couple April weekend at Alpine.
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I with my family skied Alpine Meadows yesterday for the first time.. OMG we loved the mountain!
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Alright some traffic here. I am getting on the plane in two days can't wait. Satuday looks like Mt. Rose.

MTT where are you? I need a tour guide.

I will have an IP address up in Tahoe so I will stay in touch and hope to arraign a get together for at least a couple of us wayward Bears.

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kirkwood in march

Hey Storm and others at the 'weed.

How are things up there? I'll be up in a couple days provided we get lodging.
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Met up with Powdigger and Family @ Rose

I did not spend allot of time skiing with them but the time I did spend with them was very nice. All very good skiers and pleasant people to be around.

I took Powdigger into a couple of differnt Chute's Yellow Jacket and Fuse. He handled them very well. (Solid skier) I hope they enjoy the rest of thier tahoe ski trip. The wind seems to have shown up, so who knows.
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Supposed to be windy again tomorrow, not Thursday, windy Friday, not Saturday. We'll see.
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Hey, just rolled into Kirkwood this afternoon and got 45 minutes of corn in before they closed the lifts.

Stormday, are you here? They got me holed up in MC.
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