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Marking sore feet

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I was curious if anyone else has done this.
I had my boots reworked by a custom bootfitter this summer.
After skiing them, I noticed that I had some pressure areas on the sides of my feet. At the end of the day, when I removed my boots and socks, I could clearly see that the painful areas were red. So I took a sharpie and drew around the red area. Since the areas would no longer be red by the time I got to the bootfitter, this would allow him to see where the pressure spots were.
When I went to him a few days later (I did need to refresh the marks a few times with a sharpie), he was able to remedy the problem in a couple of minutes. However, when I asked him if it was common for people to mark their feet, he said that this was the first time in his 30 years of bootfitting that he had seen this.
I'm sure that there must be other engineers that have done this...
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i wish people would all be so considerate, often times people come in for boot modifications and when we ask where problem is the response is " i'm not sure i haven't worn the boots for a few weeks"
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I see it with my customers sometimes.
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