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Utah spring break

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I will be in SLC/PC from March 8-22. How are crowds at various ski areas at that time. Are Cottonwood canyons less crowded than PC areas? I assume Snowbasin and Pow Mow would be best bets, but don't want to drive that far every day.
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I've lived here over 15 years, and I've never noticed spring break. Well, except for the stories on the news about the locals heading for the warmth of St. George.
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Incahoots...please tell me you are serious. Planning on going last week of March...this is week after Easter so a little worried.
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I've been 4 years in a row over spring break and crowds were not bad at all. Certainly Park City will be more crowded than the Cottonwood resorts, but crowds really are not a problem then.
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Go to Snowbasin and Powder Mtn and you won't have to worry about crowds.
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