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Revelstoke Accomodations

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So the finace and I are getting married (obviously).

We started off thinking we were going to do a traditional (ish) wedding with a ceremony, reception and so on. But we both have large families meaning the wedding was going to be huge and thus expensive.

Our new plan is to go with close friends and immediate family only to a mountain out west. Both families are die-hard skiers so we figure it will be a great chance to get everybody together doing something they all love.

We decided on Revelstoke as the conditions should be good around new years (when we're getting married). I was a lifty in Fernie and I know better than to plan a vacation at FAR only.

We've been looking online for a large condo (or two, or three) but there doesn't seem to be much available. The feedback we've received is "they're all being buit. If you ask later you might get one."

Does anybody have any leads for condos to rent at the mountain (or in the town) for the christmas holidays next year?

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