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Need to find ski boots for shoe size 18...

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One of my best friends (6'5", 310lbs, size 18 shoe) is sick of watching us all go on sweet weekend trips to the mountain and wants to get into it, but we can't find anywhere that makes boots to fit this guy! Does anyone make a boot that size or know where we can get one made? Please help! :
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I feel for your buddy...I have a 13-14 which can be hard to find in certain things (currently I am having trouble finding a set up with AT bindings to rent that go above 335 mm)...I would imagine that he has trouble with everyday shoes as well...maybe he should ask wherever he gets his street shoes if they know of any ski boots available...
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Look into Strolz boots. They are a little hard to come by, and a bit pricey. The good thing is that they make everything from super small and narrow to gunboats that are super wide.
The website says up to size 16, but I seem to remember someone saying that they have fitted up to a size 22 in their shop in Austria.
Heres the link to their US Distributor

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Ditto on Strolz.
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Wow thanks guys I'm sure he'll be pleased to know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel! He's a pharmacist, too so the extra ching shouldn't bother him.
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Originally Posted by epic View Post
Ditto on Strolz.
Yep. I wear a US 17 and mine fit great (you want the "Favorit" model; that's the one that goes to extreme sizes/widths.) Not cheap, but it works.

Surefoot also has some pretty big shells, although they cost just as much if not more. If you need/want custom footbeds as well, they might be worth considering. Although most shops that do high-end bootfitting can make those as well.

The shop I went to for my boots had a couple other (cheaper) shells that were in my size -- I think a Lange, and maybe a Daleboot? One didn't fit well around my ankle, and I liked the fit of the Strolz better than the other even with the price difference. But I'm not sure if either of those came any bigger than what I had on (32.5, I think.)

Big resorts often have rentals of very large boots, at least up to 32.5/33 or so. If you can find somewhere nearby that does, it might be an option if your friend doesn't want to drop $600+ without knowing whether he'll really like skiing.
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I have a salomon performa in 33 or 34? 381mm boot sole length.

a measurement in mm of his foot will help to see if that will fit
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I also have a Head Edge+ 10 in a 34.0 (381mm)

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How much is size 18 in European sizes? :O How will you find a binding for that size?!
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dont worry about the show size and NA vs Eu sizes vs mondo point boot size

a boot with a 381mm outside will fit a foot that is about 350mm long (about).

my foot is 260 mm long and my boot sole length is 287 to 295m
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Wonder what the weighted width of those '18s' is.
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eliminates skis under 160!
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