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190 Gotama???

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I posted this at the end of another thread, but hadnt gotten anything so thought I would open up a new one.

I was at Big Sky last weekend and since one of the local shops f'd up the bindings on my Fishcer Atuas I had to demo (which wasn't bad) and tried last years Gotamas (white, 183's, they didnt have the 190's). I liked them a lot, but could definitely feel they were a little short. I took the Seth Viscious' (190's, think last years or the year before) out the next day and felt they were heavy, slow and a little awkward. It has been a while since I skied on 190's so couldnt tell if it was the ski or the length, but I was on the Stockli TT's (188's) the day before and loved them.

My issue is I dont know if I will be able to fix my Atuas and may need to get something new. I am 6'3" 240 level 8, and ski VT for the most part with 1-2 trips out west each year. The Atua's (186, 96 underfoot) were great for almost everyday out east and dont have a problem going with something wide, but if the 190 Goats ski similar to the 190 Seth's it won't work in the trees and bumps at Jay.

What do you guys think?
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190 Goast ski alot shorter than 189 Seths, go for it.
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yep just to say the 189cm Seth measures about 6cm longer than the 190cm Gotama.

If you were at Jay Peak mostly I would go down to the 183cm Gotama....most pros find this to be more than enough in that ski even out here in Jays tight trees i think I would prefer the 183cm
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How do last years Goats compare to this years? I have heard some people say they are a lot stiffer, but others say not much has changed except the color of the top sheet.

Also, how are these in the bumps? Obviously not a ski designed for the bumps, but i have found that I like the way some of these wider skis perform in the bumps.
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