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Nice Gesture From Snowbasin

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Check out what arrived in the mail yesterday [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] :

Between this, and the months of psychotherapy I'll need to alleviate my fear of skiing in Utah, I should be all ready for next season!
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more than I've seen from any other resort. Hope your recovery is quick and the therepy painless.
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I called my old boss who is on the Patrol up there and told him you were whining!

Just kidding. Anyway, that is pretty cool!

EDIT: That wasn't very nice of me to kick you while your down, I'm sorry. But, looks like you have to come back to Utah now! Hahahahah!

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Wow, I couldn't even get the ski patrol to stop at our local hill when my wife got injured.

Maybe the international sign of crossed skis uphill from a body lying in the snow has changed because 3 patrolers and 2 instructors flew right by us without even bothering to stop.
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I have to say that That is pretty inpressive of Snowbasin. You may want to forward this onto The Canyons and see if they would also give you a Free lift ticket. I hear rumore that the local Orthopedic Surgens are planning on inviting you back every year. Seems that bussiness has been slow and you have really good insurance
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Wonderful! Can you imagine a certain NewEngland mountain whose name will go unmentioned doing that? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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There are caring people evereywhere.

Mountains can't lick the stamp to mail the letter.

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That was very cool of them to do that.
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Here's the apparent context for Lisamer's razzing.

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Very cool!! That shows that a resort is caring about thier customers. Note: Was this sent to you registered with you accepting it and opening it frees them from litigation? Hope you heel up soon.
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Hey, it's an acknowledgement! It's not just avoidance. I think it's cool that they sent the card. As for the psychotherapy, you have our phone number, right?

Yes, I can imagine getting such a card from almost any New England area. I've heard Killington is a tough place, though. My one and only day there [yesterday, at the on-snow trade show] was truly uncrowded, and the lifty was really nice to me. They also had "ambassadors" on the hill, and if they'd been any more friendly I would have felt I was being hit on.
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I am totally impressed! This is the first time I have ever heard of this , or anything like it. (But then , again, it's been a long time since I've been injured and couldn't get off the hill under my own power.)

I have always thought Snowbasin to be a class act, and this confirms it.

Has anybody ever heard of anything like this in Colorado?

Get well soon, so you can enjoy that day!

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They were pretty darn amazing! At the end of the day, when it got totally fogged, one of the mountain ambassadors escorted us partially down the cattrack. Tog and I also got to pet the rescue doggie {forget her name} who was also a total sweetheart!
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Wow, that's a first. Heal well.
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Whistler/Blackcomb did the same thing for my wife when she partially ripped an ACL at 10 AM. Right there in the patrol shack, they wrote up a coupon good for a year. When we couldn't make it up the next season, they issued an open ended voucher in replay to a phone call. Finally redeemed it at the end of this January, 4 years later.

It's always nice to read about resorts that still value thier skiing customers.
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Wow! That's pretty awesome. I can't imagine my resort doing anything like that. Generally, if you're injured around here, it's attributed to the darwin effect and you're sent on your way in an ambulance, end of story. Everybody go to snowbasin!
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