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Hi, first post, been lurking for 6-7 weeks...

I am 5' 10", 155lbs, age 44. Ski level 7-8. Fitness level is high, some bicycle racing, weights, b-ball in the winter.

The local ski area is Bogus Basin near Boise, Idaho. Usually groomed runs, or heavy powder. This year has been above average and renewed my inerest and fun. I usually ski in Idaho and travel to Utah 1-2 times a year.

My old skis are Salomon 9000 series pr7 (about 200 cm)

I am looking for a ski 60/40 ski. 60 on trail and 40 off. Probably leaning more towards on trail. Unless there is new snow I don't usually look to hard for powder. This year I have been real lucky with the conditions!

I have tried the following demo skis-
Volkl AC30,177cm, conditions were hard packed, night skiing. I really liked these on the groomed runs. I had only been on one other shape ski in these conditions a few years ago (B3) and they did not wow me like these skis did. Since I was going to Utah I had to get some turns in.

Week 2- I was at Alta and demo'd the Volkl Mantra's, 172 cm. I really liked them in the deep powder (shocking news) but not as much on the runs back to the lift. Maybe my technique? or the 178 size would have been better. Just seemed like I was too far back or to far forward.
Maybe just not aggresive enough.

Back to earth, the next week we were getting some storms and a local shop was doing 1/2 price demos during the week nights, oh yeah.
I tried the Mythic Riders, 178 cm, in the powder and skied up powder.
I really like these, especially in the powder and cut up snow. Blasting thru it was quite fun.

Next week under the same type of stormy conditions, I tried the Legend 8000. Not quite as good blasting thru the cut up snow for me but a little more fun for shorter turns later in the evening. I think I prefered these over the Mythic Riders unless there was powder all the time.

Next was the Volkl AC40's in the same conditions. I found these similar to the Dynastar 8000 Legend's, lots of fun and turned really well.

I think I enjoy a faster/quicker turning ski overall.

I have a trip to Sun Valley coming up and may try another brand up there.
It will probably be groomers and all out cruising.

Any other skis I should try? It does seem two pair of skis is the way to go.

Thanks for your suggestions and as always sarcasm is appreciated.