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TR: Canyons, Utah

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As we were sitting on the plane at Aspen Airport, we notice that our bags aren’t being loaded. (thanks Delta, yet again). On arrival at SLC, we go to the desk to report the missing bags (our skis turned up, and our boots were on as hand luggage), and they tell us that the bags might turn up on the later flights, but that they will get them to us as quickly as possible. After my experience with Delta on my way to Stowe last year, I don’t hold out much hope.
We pick up the car – an “intermediate SUV”, which turns out to mean it’s a Nissan Murano, and decide to go into town to get some necessities in case the bags are seriously delayed. After a bit of shopping we then head up to REI, cause Nells needed new ski poles (the ones she brought were about 20 years old!) On the way, we stopped at Albertsons for basic groceries & beer, and beside REI was a State Liquor Store so we got a box of wine, some tequila, margarita mix and port there. Then it was off for the long drive up to the Canyons.

It would have been a shorter drive if I’d taken the correct turn to get onto the interstate, instead we went west for a bit before getting off the I-80 and turning round to face the right direction.
About 30 minutes later we were checking in to the Westgate Park City Resort in the Canyons. After filling out the paperwork, I was directed to the 3rd floor of the car park, since we were staying on the 3rd floor of the complex. To keep your car warm and dry, the car park is heated (45F) and has a suspended ceiling!
Once we’ve unpacked the food, I decide to call Delta to see where the bags are. The number doesn’t seem to be connecting, so I call guest services. “Mr Fox Hat, are you trying to contact Delta because of missing bags?”, “yes”. “Is Nells with you?”, “yes, why?”, “we have two bags just delivered here for her, would you like me to send them up?”, “yes”.
Sunday morning, we get up and go to Ski Services – this is the area where they dry our boots for us, store them in our lockers once dry, and keep our skis. We put on our boots, and they put our skis on a valet trolley to take over to the gondola.
OK, enough chat, you want more pics!
Day one at the Dreamscape Café/Day Break chair:
Note the depth of snow on the roof and around the grill area.
It started snowing.
Conditions were pretty good, and during a gentle off piste jaunt, we realised that you need to obey all displayed signs.

On piste was pretty good too.

The snow came down quite hard on the Monday too, this was at lunch, when we came back down to the base:

Tuesday had a blue-sky start to the day.

The snow depth was starting to creep up around the Café, which was our favourite spot for a morning hot chocolate.

Dreamcatcher had some nice fluffy snow on top, even if it was a bit tracked

And then after lunch we got lucky and were on the first chair when they started up Day Break
On the second run down we headed over to the Stop sign.
By the Thursday, we didn’t see the Stop, but met up with Sandgroper61 from Natives (he’s instructing in Park City) and showed him a few spots, which he enjoyed.

The snow was great!

By 1st February, they had to dig the tables out at the café. and the roof was straining under a full load of
It really was a monster dump
Time for us to find our own lines , which we did.
, while the poor lifties were still digging out the Day Break chair.
…and then it was time to go home. We’d spent most of the week only skiing two of the 7 hills that make up the Canyons resort, but with that amount of snow, we were very happy!

(I could bore you with more photos, but let's leave it at that!)
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WTFH, thanks for the report and all the pics. Too bad you had to put up with all that snow:, better luck next time. Good to see you again at SM.

Mark and Cheryl
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I was at The Canyons for the first time ever on Sunday 2/3. Awesome day! We spent most of the morning skiing Dreamcatcher, probably on about a foot of new snow. What impressed me was that as newbies on the mountain we were still finding untracked areas at 11:30. You can't say that about many mountains.
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WOW, just Wow!!! Fox, I'm glad you had such a great experience with Nells on this ski trip.
And you got to ski with Sandgroper!!!!
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Are you sure that's one of the Park City resorts? I heard only BCC/LCC got any decent snow.
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Gathering day -1, aka the FORESHADOWING Day 2, aka There and Back Again

AKA WTF is WTFH's surname?

Hmmmph. I certainly wasn't jet lagged this morning, upsy daisy.

BatGirl had scored a 2 for 1 coupon deal for the Canyons that included two lift tickets, two hamburger
platters for $100, I couldn't say no.

Now, just to set the scene, WTFH and I had exchanged PMs several weeks prior, with the express
intent of skiing in Utah. I'd sent him my number; I didn't know his, or even whether he'd have
one with a US code (prepaid perhaps?). I'd even woken poor ssh up on the night before, he'd texted me back that he didn't have any US number for WTFH.

BG had some idea that we could probably just walk up to the appropriate condos and ask for the suitably described Irish guy and very likely find him. Well enough, we'll try that. Which condos? I dunno. She doesn't either. Ok, then. We'll just march on through until some condo triggers her memory. Except she kept keying on the words "Iron Horse" and we both knew that
warn't it.

Sunny out in the morning, sort of, then not really. Enough to cast glints in the new-fallen snow, a good solid 10 inches of it. We're through Parley Canyon and past Kimball Junction, everything was plowed, for the most part that is. I stop at the 7-11 at the entrance to Canyons for an
extra caffeine jolt, fearing a repeat of the day previous' headache.

Parking lot at the Canyons is already filling up when we pull in. So, we're down the corner and out the back, parking lot boondocks. Time to get it together, get the tickets we'd been promised, and on up the mountain, right?


Let's just say that by the end of the next 45 minutes I had snow everywhere including inside the pants, but I also have my nice dry leather + merino gloves.

Coupons/vouchers worked like a charm. No hassle about those. No familiar condo name for WTFH, we shrug and proceed. BG cursing anybody who had anything to do with the upload lift, for not providing wind and weather screens. My toes are still wet, but, I'm past determined.

Change and off to Flight of the Canyons. She's on Bluehouse, 15mm back and likes it, I'm on 4800s. Which, BTW, work -great- in the untracked off Tombstone Express so long as I keep 'em pointed in the fall line and use large pole/ski steps to get unstuck if it isn't steep enough.

She's happy enough on the groomers, and looks twice as good as any of the beginners on it. She isn't happy with the untracked so much. Fine,
ok, two runs later we're -out- of there and whiz on to Peak 5 lift. I'm having a bit of fun on there and it's time to off for lunch to Red Pine. Okeydoke, down Harmony & Serenity & Royal (bridges both over and under to provide entertainment at this point) and we're back.

Nobody in the lodge we can even begin to recognize, so we munch away. MM-mm. Nothing quite like a hot greasy burger after a day with frozen toes.

Then it's down to Interconnect. She's done, so we pack off home, me taking a little side trip down Doc's. Visibility is almost nil, it is snowing, hard, and they are -still- running the snowguns on the front side.

Set off back to SLC. It's snowing again. Hard. Really hard. We're to Kimball Junction when we lose more than about 300 yards of visibility. It did thin out by the time we crossed 215.

That's when we notice that the driver's side door ain't gonna close. Well, it does close, except that the car thinks that the door's open. Crawp. There's enough daylight that I can pull over into a parking lot and see that the door sensor housing has been bashed off. The sensor housing, turns out, was -exactly- where the seat buckle would fall out the door if the little tensioner didn't retract it immediately, and sure enough, one extra door closure had bashed the sensor.

The door is a jar. The movie theater doesn't allow guns. The door is a jar. The local TSA has Mantras and Dakine packs on sale. The door is a jar.

Shower, shave, on to Bohemian Brewery. Paprikash like enough to grandma's that both the waitress and BG laugh themselves silly at the fact that my plate is clean in 7 minutes flat.
Fine, whatever, I content myself with my 44 oz beer.

WTFH calls. There's a foot of fresh on the highway: he's stuck up there and we're stuck down here and he can't get out and we can't get up and will he be able to get out to Alta tomorrow and
will we be able to get to Alta tomorrow? Well, if we aren't, we can try I-80 for some more Canyons action, on the theory that I-80 is -bound- to be plowed before the road to Little
Cottonwood is. Right? Right?

As if.

BG drives to airy port to pick up JohnL. Southwest flight 3776 at 9:10 from B'more, right. So
we pull in to the park & wait and stare at the main board. Except it's marked as coming from Florida via St. Louis. Ok. Did I mention that it was 15 Funloving degrees out? Did I mention that the board said to stop the engine? I make an executive decision to ignore that particular directive, so there we are torching gas waiting for the stupid sign to change from 'en route' to 'pickup'. It doesn't help that almost -every- other
flight is 'delayed'. Including Laurel Hill Crazie's one from Chicago. So I call the number I have for LHC from a Gathering two Xmases ago. Some kid answers: I have the wrong number. Right. OK.

I do have the right number for jgiddyup. Onc' Louie is in. Tante Morceau de Sucre isn't -> sad BG

Flight 3776 is still "En Route". The wind is blowing the light towers in crazy Lissajous figures. Down to half a tank of gas. 9:26 now. Aka time for a second executive decision: call Southwest and see what is -really- going on with the flight. Apparently it had just landed. :

I bet the silly board was keyed off the baggage claim. Fine, ok, I'll alight and look for JohnL and we'll have a smooth loading with a spot directly in front of the terminal, and warm too.

As if.

Well, it turns out that I had had the right phone number for LHC. Except that I had his wife's one. She calls me back and explains. Ok, except LHC is sitting in Midway airport, not expected to arrive in SLC until 3 am.


Gathering Eve was uneventful after that. Well, there wasn't much of it left.
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