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Thought I would start a new post on my experience working with Bud Heishman of Snowwind sports in Reno NV, to resolve my Fore/Aft balance issues.

First off Bud is awesome. He is honest, has a very modest ego!, asks lots of questions, provides lots of answers, and most importantly solved my problem(s).

Bud reviewed my equipment, skiing preferences etc. He then assessed my feet/leg anatomy, ultimately determing that I did not have any real pressing anatomical issues that needed to be addressed.

Based on his assessment and my feedback we agreed that my footbeds were likely not working well for me, and might be a part of the problem. Instead of trying to sell me new custom footbeds which seems to be the norm, he offered to work on my existing footbeds to see if he could resolve the problem first. Considering the frustration I had been thru I decided not to waste his time and to simply have new footbeds made.

Turns out that my footbeds (non-weight bearing molding) were putting an inordinate amount of pressure/support on my arches. This was making it very difficult for me to weight the front of my foot, as well as restricting blood flow which was leading to cold feet. This became obvious the moment I tried on my boots with the new footbeds.

Bud then balanced my boots from a lateral perspective. Turns out my right boot was off by almost 2.5 degrees, which was making it difficult to initiate left turns.

Lastly, he assessed the ramp angle on my skis. Interestingly enough both pairs of skis were fairly neutral from a ramp angle perspective. Bud provided me with a pair of 3mm shims which I was instructed to first place between the toe of my boot and binding, then heel and binding. The idea being to artificially create a different ramp angles to see how this affected my balance.

In the end by moving the removable spoiler thus eliminating some of the pressure on my calf, and placing the 3mm shim under the heel of my boots, I was finally able to ski in a very balanced position.

Yesterday, I got nearly 25 hard charging runs in at Sugar bowl without having to re-adjust my boots once. My feet never got cold, I only fell once (user error), oh and my quads never threatened to expload! More importantly by balancing the boots my turns were even and easy to initiate and follow thru from both sides. So this is what skiing is all about...

Thanks Bud!