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Help: Prophet vs. Gun

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I am 5'8", 145, and a very aggressive skier. I live in VT and ski a lot in the east, but several times a year I go to Europe or out west. I skied the Line Prophet 90 with a Marker Duke this year and loved it. It carves incredibly well and is great for light powder. But, I was out in Tahoe this past weekend and we picked up a lot of snow which was pretty heavy. I found that the Prophet got thrown around a bit and didn't have enough underfoot or meat on it to handle the rutty heavy stuff. I am looking for a ski for next year and I was thinking about the 174 Salomon Gun from last year but I don't know if it makes sense for me to have if I live in the east. I ski mostly groomers back east aside from a powder day or a trip to Jay but I take a good amount of trips to places with heavier snow in larger quantities and I also want a pretty light ski because I like to get into the backcountry. If anyone could give me some advice on which ski is better for what I'm doing, it would be awesome.
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While I liked the Gun in 188 o.k., I found the 174 to be kind of a silly little ski- tons of sidecut with about a two meter turning radius. On the other hand, by all reports the Line Prophet 100 (go fat) in 179 is one of the best out there. You might also consider the 174 Bro model, I ski a 179 soft Bro for powder that just happens to be an ice-killer. The 174 sounds like it would be great for an East coast lighter guy. They're very solid yet weigh nothing.
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I have 174 guns from last year with naxo nx21s. I'm 5' 7" 160 lbs, very aggressive all mountain skier and I typically ski them with my garmont g-rides. They are my only skis that aren't GS or SL specific -- definitely a large difference -- but I enjoy them and they seem like a good swiss army knife ski. For $330 on SAC, I'm quite happy with what I got.

With a good tune, I can rip long or short turns on east coast hardpack. I skied them two weeks at alta this winter and they were great there too. They are lively and have plenty of pop in tracked powder. I mounted them 2cm back and wish I went a bit further since I rarely land fakie on them and I felt a bit forward in the deep stuff. They are definitely soft, bordering on noodles, but as someone in your weight class I rarely feel like I'm overpowering them.

The only real comparison I have was to a pair of 180cm BD verdicts I skied two days at ALta. Huge difference in stiffness and turning radius and the verdicts are about 1cm wider at the waist. The verdicts really only came alive at very high speed and were a pain otherwise. I couldn't steer them for damn with my soft boots and they were a bitch to maneuver in glades or tight spaces. Too much ski for my weight and the boots I was using. Probably better for the 190 lb version of me.
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