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I need some advice for picking out my new skiis.

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I've been skiing my whole life, about 5 times per year, but my parents have always bought my skis. I'm 19 and I've had the same skis for years, so I'm getting my own.

My current skis are old rental skis from Aspen. They're about 4 year old rossignol cuts. The bottoms are totally rusty and scratched, partly because I never waxed them. There isn't much of an edge. I bought brand new boots this year, dalbello aspires.

I live in New England (but I actually hope to end up in San Francisco after graduation... they have skiing there right?) and I am an intermediate downhill skier who really wants to get better. I've been going at least every Saturday this year. I'm 5'10 and 260 pounds. I'm also a woman though I doubt that makes a difference.

So... what skis should I look into? Considering that I've never owned anything except for old rental skis, I don't know where to start. I'm going to the demo center at Stowe soon.
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Come on, are there any skis built for people like me? I posted a similar thread on a snowboarding forum and got a lot of replies.
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i'm not much help

I can't recommend a specific ski but I might be able to point you in the right direction (others may not agree). I think all you need is typical all mountain ski. Since you're an average skier and not looking for anything specific thats where I would start. It also gives you a few hundred options still. My guess is you're going to really like whatever you end up demoing because you're used to skiing on less than ideal gear. With that said I would demo skis in your price range that you could actually afford when you enjoy skiing on them. Nothing personal with the $ response, I'm 22 and I don't know too many people my age with cash to throw around. So at the demo tent/shop I would ask for a good all-mountain ski that retails in your price range. If you ski trails other than groomers, tell them what you like/looking to start skiing. Again, I'm not recommending any specific skis which is not prob. what you wanted to read but I really think you're going to like whichever new model skis you get on. Hope that helps a little.
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Thanks. I was afraid there where too many choices. I doubt there are many skis built for someone of my weight though. I'm assuming I need something stiffer. Is there any way you can tell how stiff a ski is before trying it?

I'm willing to spend about $600 on skis, and I'll probably buy them from the demo center or something at the end of the season so they're cheap. However if I find a fantastic pair of $1000 skis I might be able to convince my parents to help me buy them. If the ski industry is like other industrys, some company's probably produce better cheaper skis than others. Anyone have any opinions about this?
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If you're willing to drop 600-1000 dollars, anything's possible, and you don't really have to worry about better cheaper skis. for someone of your size I'd go for a slightly longer (but not too long for an intermediate) and stiffer ski than generic rentals. At your level, you probably won't be too picky about what you use, and it totally depends on what kind of skiing you want to do. If you move to San Francisco, you'll be 3 hours from Tahoe and therefore you will want a slightly fatter ski because the snow is heavy and on powder days they don't groom for a while. Look into K2 skis, they tend to be a bit cheaper, your call if you want twintips or not- not as good for carving but better in powder and more room for improvement and experimenting. Go to the Stowe demo center and tell them what you're looking for and mention the possible move to San Francisco and then try tons of different skis and go with whatever feels right. If you can't find them cheap at stores, look around online for a while and you're guaranteed to find them cheaper(try looking at last year's model-always cheaper)
good luck
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There's a pair of last year's Nordica Olympia Victories at the Stowe Demo Center. I'm not sure what size they are, but for $300ish, if they are in the ballpark sizewise, you should try them.
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I almost bought some k2s, but decided against it because I never tried them. The store guy got angry, which is pretty stupid considering that I bought some expensive boots from them and they really didn't have any other boot customers that day.

As for what kind of skiing I want to do, I want to learn how to do difficult terrain better. I can do some black diamonds, but whenever I go onto an ungroomed trail I just fall down. I don't like that.

Thanks for the advice everyone.
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There are lots of really excellent choices.

If you're an intermediate, you don't have to spend a fortune.

Don't go too wide while you are learning.

Have fun demoing!
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I know a girl and a few guys around your stature that ski on Rossi B3,s and love them. On ebay you can usually find them on retailers ebay stores for around 300 bucks like new or last years model. These are $700-800 skis that turn easly and are a great allround ski. You can even take them in the powder. They make a 173cm that would be a good length for you. I would just call the store direct. Buy from the store instead of ebay if your like me and not comfortable buying from there.
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Can anyone tell me how I should carry my boots? I've been carrying them by the strap on the tongue, but it occurred to me that may be bad for it.
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always buckle your boots when you're done skiing- it helps them keep their form
i take the powerstraps of mine that are half and half velcro and i stick them to the other boot's powerstrap and carry them over my shoulder. it doesn't pull on the tongue and you can carry a lot of other stuff with them also
but if they're buckled you most likely won't hurt the tongues by holding them like you described
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