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where are people mounting for the Kuro? center or 1cm forward seems logical to me?

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I mounted mine 5mm back from true center. Happy with results.

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Mounted mine right on the line; love 'em.
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I wanted to mount mine right on the line but the ski shop tech thought he knew better and mounted 10mm back from centre. However hasn't made too much difference. The main issue is that make sure the binding sits on top of the ski where there is red in the sidewall as that is the stiffest part of the ski. The kuro is designed with 3 flex points, a soft tail to sit up in the pow, stiff underfoot to give performance and stability at speed and medium tail a blend of stability and easy turning.


Also, just skied a new pair of 185 (should have gone 195 but whatever) for 4 weeks in Europe and they were epic. Skied just about every type of snow you could imagine: deep pow, little pow, heavy pow, light pow, no pow, groomers, ice, rained on pow, hard pack, windblown. Could keep going but you get the point, very mixed 4 weeks and they ripped in everything. Although in the wind blown crusty stuff they do want to turn and can rip your legs away if your not too careful! But generally, freaking awesome! Go and buy!


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Additionally mounted some Dukes on them and bought some BD split, felt like a bit of an idiot skiing around on touring bindings for a few weeks until I did some sidecountry touring. Where they excelled, snowboarders took 3 times as long wading up to their hips and other skinnier skis sank. I just cruised past, can imagine you need thunder thighs if your going off for a day but for a hour or so no problems as they are surprisingly light!

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I have purchased 2011 Volkl Kuro 185cm with Marker Shizos. I am 186cm/84kg with strong legs.


I have been for a week in the alps and was only able to test these fat skis on the groomers (5 weeks of zero fresh snow sucks, especially when temperatures are way too high for winter).


Perhaps it is again a re-itteration of the other reviewers but here my findings:


1) People stare at you. Be prepared to tell lift guys you have to take them inside the cabin, because they don't fit in the brackets outside :)Also know people will ask: "Are those 2 snowboards?"

2) They are HEAVY, towing them around makes you a body builder

3) On the snow they feel very stable and not that heavy.

4) They don't like straight lining or slow speed, not a surprise considering all that rocker and short contact length when going straight down a groomer, it is like on eggs then.

5) The faster the better, GS turns it loves, be do it in a slow predictable way, if you hook it, you can have it jump out of the rail, but this takes enormous effort to do so, go with the flow and you are fine, even on hard pack. Damping is very good.

6) It is like carving on a snowboard, only 1 edge is under pressure, the hill-sided ski is just for the looks there, so all the pressure is on the down-hill leg -> i had a good workout ...

7) Tight spots are easy go through, skidding, slarving , breaking, all with no hooking at tip nor tail, thanks to the massive rocker.

8) Crud handling is very good, you can hold any line , you only need to bring some strong legs to keep the pressure on the skis

9) Jumping straight is very predictable and super stable. Haven't tested any twisting stuff, but can imagine that is tricky considering the massive swing weight.

10) Top sheet quality is crap, especially with these super-wide skis, you will hit the other ski with each ski alot of times. Scatches and chips are already there, only after 1 week of gentle use. I would rather see a mono-coque tip and tail construciton or some other protection. But i usually don't care about looks, i only care about how they will hold up internally and that still feels good.

11) Bigger difference between no/bad waxing and good waxing compared to more 'normal' skis. These skis need a good waxing to perform well.


Haven't been able to test it in the fluf, but then again, we all know that people rave about the super-wides in the fluf. I think it is more important to know how well ski's handle in the areas where they weren't designed for in the first place.





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I purchased & rode 2011/12 Volkl Kuro 175cm with Marker Griffons today. I am 5'10" & 205lbs intermediate level.

I had the opportunity to ride them on groomers and powder.

As other posts have mentioned: I personally didnt find them to be too heavy; extremely stable; plows thru anything; good in the trees; excels in powder -unsinkable?-; easy to turn -the bigger the better but can do quick turns; very fun; strong legs necessary to hold the line on fast groomed corduroy. Considerably larger than my regular skis (see picture) but unbelievably agile for their size.




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