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Salomon Falcon S-Lab

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This boot seems to be available at closeout prices, and I'm wondering if it might be a good starting point for me.

I've tried on dozens of different boots, and haven't found one that feels like it will work for me.

My foot measures US 14 A with a low instep. In other words, I need a fairly low volume, but long boot . 29 seems to be the shell size I need. Also, I'm 6'2" about 210 lbs. - 45 yr. old fairly aggressive skier. I'm currently wearing 20 yr. old Lange XRi's with additional padding to accomodate the worn out liners.

I want to take my new boots to a good bootfitter here in CO, so I don't need a perfect off-the-shelf fit, but I'm thinking this S-Lab boot might be just the ticket for a starting point.

I have tried a Falcon 9, and it is okay, though I'm afraid it's not narrow enough. The only boot I've tried that really felt snug on my foot was a Tecnica Diablo Race 110. I would have bought that boot, but there were two things I didn't like on it: It seemed to have too much forward lean, and the cuff seemed extremely low (felt like my leg only contacted the cuff just above my ankle).

If I went with the S-Lab, I imagine I would need it to be made softer flexing, as my preferred terrain is bumps. I can't find much info on the S-Lab other than that it's about as low volume as boots come.

I would really appreciate any advice/insight.

Best regards,

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First, if you didn't like the angles of the Tecnica you certainly would not like the Slab either because it is pretty extreme forward angles too. Secondly, I don't think Salomon made that particular model in a size large enough to fit a 14 foot? Most plug boot models do not go much larger than size 10 to my limited knowledge.
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Bud is right race boots tend to stop at 28 or 29 and i think you may have to cut a toe or two off to get into these.... the other thing is race boots of this nature are not really suited to bumps, take a look at the full tilt, much softer than you are used to but a great low volume boot and if you needed tighter fit then it could be foamed or zip fitted [both these options will stiffen the boot a bit]
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The Falcon S LAb is still just a falcon not the X3, i think it goes up to 30.5. CBS
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Thanks for the replies. In all the boots I've tried, I seem to be able to wear a 29 shell which is a length in which the S-lab is available. My toes touch the end, but they're not scrunched.

Just looking at pics of the boot, it didn't appear to have such aggressive forward lean, but that's why I'm asking folks who are actually familiar with the boot.

I had a Falcon 9 on my right foot at the same time as having the Diablo on my left. The Falcon 9 was definitely more upright and had a taller cuff. However, my foot felt loosely held in the Falcon compared to the really nice, snug hold offered by the Diablo.

I guess my thought process was that if I could have the snug foothold of the Diablo along with the higher cuff and more upright stance of the Falcon, I'd have found my boot. Sounds as if I may have to keep looking.

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If the net forward lean of the Diablo is close to your dorsiflexion needs then the boot can be gas pedaled appropriately to bring the cuff back and provide a more upright stance.
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