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Snowwater Heli Skiing TR

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The big day finally arrived and we met DIA for our flight

After an uneventful flight and four hour white knuckle drive packed in a rental minivan with bald tires we arrived at our destination...Nelson, BC

We quickly found the bar and had a few drinks

The next day we hit up the local hill Whitewater Ski Resort....fresh pow at 2pm on a Sunday...what a place!!

Then we headed to meet our transportation to our lodge for the next seven days

Day one at the lodge and we had flying weather

The snow was good and the terrain was awesome!

The heli picked us up often

We tracked up some virgin snow

The next day dawned with heavy snow and bad visibility. We had to ride the cat and the conditions weren't great for photos but were great for freshies.

We had a little scare when my friends wife fell off a nice little cliff

Then she got up and ripped the Pow!

Her husband showed up to save the day...he was a little late

Another day and a nice shot of me at the top of heli run with some nice lighting

We trashed some nice tree runs with deep powder on them

Our last day breaks with the first bluebird day of the trip and our guide Mark leads us on

I found the conditions to be nice

Having fun and loving life

We asked repeatedly to hit this.....no dice as avy conditions were high

My tele friend found the conditions to his liking

The crew takes a break

And admires the views

What a trip....I can't wait to go back...now I just need to sell a kidney or one of my kids!!
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I'm jealous.
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Adopt me.
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Fantastic. Thanks so much for the pics. One of these days I'll have the extra $ to spare.
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You took a break ?!!
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Originally Posted by UGASkiDawg View Post
I found the conditions to be nice

Great TR.
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Beautiful stuff UGA....
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I've been so depressed since I got back.....life just doesn't seem quite as sweet without this trip to look forward to. I need to go back but can't afford it. Guess the wife will have to work harder
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Awesome trip and TR, Dawg! I'm so glad you got to get some of the goods in spite of the avie conditions. Try it again next year; this year was a bit unusual so far as snow goes. I'm really happy you've got the "addiction"! :
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Wow, that is so freakin awsome! Thanks for the pics. Looks like you guys are some pretty darn good skiers!
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the trip was so awesome it took me 6 weeks before I could make myself go back out and ski without a helicopter.

UGA's "tele friend"
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