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What are your five all-time favorite trails?

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If you could only ski your five favorite ski trails, which five would you choose?

Here are my picks (in no particular order):

Ryan's, Tremblant
Taft Slalom to Hardscrabble, Cannon Mountain
Skiways to Ellie's, Heavenly Valley
Riva Glade> Riva Ridge> Tourist Trap, Vail
Mayday Bowl, Sun Valley

Now if I could just find them all on one mountain that gets plenty of snow at night and plenty of sunny powder mornings!

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Grizzly at Brandywine in OH!!!
with a big kicker at the top!
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At Tremblant: The Geant and "Devils' River"

Whistler/Blackcomb : "Ridge Runner", "Twist And Shout", everything on 7th heaven; Franz's Run from the top of the Saddle.

Lake Louise : The Rock Garden ( if there's snow ).

BigWhite : Most every thing there ! but I'd go for "Blue Sapphire" or "Blue Ribbon"

Stowe : "Gondelier"

As you can see I'd go for mostly fast cruisers!!!

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I like medium-pitch gladed runs on powder days:

Shadows/Closet in the aspen trees at Steamboat.

Outer Limits/Arthur's Choice in the trees at Blackcomb

The trees to skier's left of the Sultan lift at Deer Valley.

Just about anything between the trails at Jay Peak.

Low Rider at Killington.
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Tango, Soards Creek, Mica B.C.
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In no particular order,

Sugar bowl, From the top of Mount Lincoln
Ralves run (used to be chute 1)>over carl's nose, (now part of Ralves run >over Kangaroo hop, and down vanderbilt..

7th Heaven at Blackcomb

Ridge runner to Outerlimits or Arthurs choice Also at Blackcomb

Telluride, The Plunge

Alta, High Traverse to Alf's High Rustler and down regal chute or hourglass chute
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The Palisades at Squaw - I hate hiking for anything, and the fifteen minutes here are about my limit.

Oz at Stowe (not quite on the map)

National to Liftline at Stowe on a good bump day.

The long run at the end of the day from the triple at Loon - Sunset to Upper Bear Claw to Bear Island Bypass to Grand Junction to Lower Picker Rock. A good way to end the day.

The terrain park. Only just recently.
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Tote Road, Sugarloaf

Moonstruck, Sunday River

Stelvio, Bormio, Italy

World Cup Run, Sunshine

Rock and Roll, Blackcomb
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DOA, Whistler
Diamond Bowl, Whistler
Pan de Rideau, La Grave
Fingers Lines, Squaw
Lots of trees at Red
Fraggle Rock, Whistler
Catskinner, Whistler
Superstar bumps in April/May at KT
California Chute, Kirkwood BC

I'll stop at four over
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We are getting an interesting list here. Everyone is having difficulty narrowing their list to just five. Keep in mind that these five would be the only five you could ski.

If there is skiing in heaven, would those five trails be there? Maybe everything is white there because it snows a lot there. ...Just wondering.
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Top to bottom:

Ruthie's at Ajax
Campgrounds at Snowmass
Warm Springs at Sun Valley
Giant Steps at Vail
Regulator Johnson at Snowmass
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That's a great list. I almost picked Warm Springs too. It is one of the best long GS cruiser trails in the US. Then I realized there was no powder bowl on my list, so I picked Mayday. Another alternative to Warm Springs would be the Cold Springs trees/gully combination.

And Avanti>Giant Steps is the best that the main frontside of Vail offers. I almost choose Apres Vous>Chicken Yard combo for a favorite bowl route. Might be more interesting terrain than Mayday..

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Kneale Brownson:
Regulator Johnson at Snowmass<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

'Bird, not 'Mass?

I would have thought the cruisers up on the Burn would be higher up on the list than Campground.
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Dana Couloir/Ellery Bowl, Mt. Dana - a spring ritual off Tioga Pass; The Couloir is actually pretty mellow; wide and not as steep as some would have you belive. Ellery Bowl is super steep at the top, and goes forever (at least back to your car).

Act 1, Mammoth Mtn. - short, but super sweet, the best bump lines on the hill

Dave's, Mammoth Mtn. - I live for windbuff on Dave's; a smooth cornice drop followed by big fast arcs

Wall Chute, OB Mammoth Mtn. - not quite as well known as Hole in the Wall, it always has better snow

East Bowl, False White Mtn. - Another easy access peak of Tioga Pass. An easy skin up, followed by miles of moderate corn bowls and gullies

OK, I know that's all Eastside Sierra, but ther is a reason I live here. Also, my favorite runs are ones I develop a relationship with. Some of these I ski almost every day, others I dream about all winter, waiting for spring corn.
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Piz Ot to Val Bever - St Moritz
Mont Fort to Tortin - Verbier
Watsons Crags - Kosciusko National Park
Toots - Steamboat Springs
Schindlerkar - St Anton
Marys Slide - Mt Hotham
The Slot - Vail (groomed fast as ya want cross falline black)

Oz :
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in no order

Franz's, and Whistler Bowl-to-Grande Finale, Whistler;
St. Anton, Mammoth;
Mozart, Keystone;
Skyline(at noon, on a sunny Spring day), Mt. Baldy

and favorite run i've NEVER skied is Rossiman's first pick to start this thread.

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By the end of the day I'll have changed my mind.
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My 5 would have to be:

5) La Brunelle - Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec

4) Everglade - Jay Peak, Vermont

3) South Face of Big Sky, MT (Liberty Bowl, Dictator chutes, Aspen Forest/Meadows)

2) Somewhere at Grand Targhee, WY - I had no idea where I was going the entire day because it snowed 19" that day, but take the quad out of the base area, traverse about 50 meters to right at the top of the lift and drop in. Go to the bottom, take lift back up, traverse 2 more meters than the last time and repeat.

1) Bearclaw, Teton Pass, WY
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2) Somewhere at Grand Targhee, WY - I had no idea where I was going the entire day because it snowed 19" that day, but take the quad out of the base area, traverse about 50 meters to right at the top of the lift and drop in. Go to the bottom, take lift back up, traverse 2 more meters than the last time and repeat.

ANY run with enough pitch and 19" or more of fluff would have to be on my list for the day....
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My top five are not on trail maps, they don't have names, and there is no lift access -- but trying to pick five from that category is impossible!
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-Val Mezdì, Sella, Alta Badia (BC)
-Gran Risa, La Villa, Alta Badia
-Porta Vescovo, Arabba
-Lagazuoi, Cortina
-Saslonc, St. Cristina, Valgardena.
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no order.
1. Olympic Bowl, Mtn. High East(when there's snow)
2. Nightmare, Mt. Baldy (when there's snow)
3. Quicksilver, Bear Mtn. (when there's snow)
4. Face of Waterman, Mt. Waterman (when there's snow)
5. Avy chute 2, Mammoth
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The way the lists are coming in, it looks like we could eventually compile a list of the best from many mountains around the world. For people who haven't skied Europe, our European Bears are pointing the way to some incredible long descents.

For now, I'm just reminded of how diverse the ski world is out there.
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in no real order:

- Some un-named stuff out of bounds on the backside of Grand Targhee.
- Tower 3 chute, Jackson Hole.
- Moran Faces or Pepi's Run, Jackson Hole.
- Cheyenne Gully, Jackson Hole.
- Hobacks, Jackson Hole.

Oh and some monster mogul/tree run in Taos that you have to go through a gate to get to.
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Yeah, GeofD, I meant da Bird.

I just always liked Campgrounds for its variety. I typed "top to bottom".
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Too many to list, but here are 5 that quickly come to mind in no specific order:

Pallavicini, A-Basin
2:30 Trees, Steamboat
North Chutes, Berthoud Pass
Hobacks, Jackson Hole
Banana Funnel, Crested Butte

Oh yeah, the Minturn Mile to happy hour.
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It isn't just a run, it is a whole area by itself: devil's castle- alta

never seem to get tired of it: cathrines' area- alta

Only done it once, but hope it won't be my last: hillman's highway- tuckermans/Mt. Washington
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In no order:

Regulator Johnson, Snowbird
Forever, Vail Back Bowls
Eagle Cliff, Alta (or, is it Eagle Nest, just before High Rustler on the left)
True Grit, Waterville Valley
Giant Steps, Vail front side
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Timbuktu - Jay Peak (try under the rope, OB)
Paradise - MRG (speaks for itself)
Catherine's Area - Alta (short hike to heaven)
Honeycomb Canyon - Solitude (short but oh so sweet)
Hobacks - JH (best lift served terrain on cold pow day)
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1. Wilcat area of Alta. Take the traverse around past Warm Up through the control gates. Rolling terrain, fast and fun!

2. Anything at Jackson Hole off the Tram. Corbett's is fun when open, but theres tons more besides that. Can't beat the Hobacks for pitch and snow on a good day!

3. Random chutes at Snowbird.

4. Anything off the Supreme lift at Alta. Cathrene's area is good, but can be crowded. Some chutes off that chair can hold pow until late in the day. I'm not telling where! I'll tie this with Eagle's Nest on a powder day.

5. Anything steep, snowy, tree or rock lined chute, bowl, groomer, crud, pow or hard-pack. If I'm skiing, its always one of my favorites!
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