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monarch cat skiing

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an e-mail from a friend in colorado:

Good morning Miles
]I went cat skiing at Monarch:

It was freakin cool. We had chest deep snow, I was spitting out snow, all day.

It’s steep there. Everywhere we went was 50+ degrees, for the first 8 turns or so. We did 17 laps, we had a strong group. I was on my Monster 78’s, but would have liked to have fatter skis. Everyone in the group was either on skis that were 95+ under foot, or the Spatulas. If I was to do it again, and I’m not sure about that (more on that coming), I would have some 88’s – at least. The only application I can see for the big fat skis is when the snow is waist deep or more. My buddies were ripping, I had to ski tentatively, because I didn’t want to boot out (my bindings were set on 8.5, the rest of the crew’s DIN settings were at least 13). You boot out in that deep of snow, it’s a pain in the ass to get your ski back on. And, I had forgot my powder cords. Your ski comes off in that deep of snow, most likely you’ll never find it. So I had to dial back a few notches. So yeah, it would have been nice to let ‘em rip, like the rest of the crew were doing.

]I had never done it before, and it was kind of scary. First, you have to sign all kinds of waivers – “If you die we’re not responsible…”, they video tape you agreeing that you understand the risks. You have to wear a beacon, which I had never done before. Putting on a beacon, I felt selfish. I got a family, man. No sense in taking unnecessary risks. Then, you’re so far out of bounds, that if something did happen, a rescue is 2 to 3 hours. A person could easily die, in the time that it would take to get back to proper medical attention.

The guides didn’t like me much, I think they thought I was a gaper, with my pink scarf and skinny skis. Grins: No doubt about it, I was out of my element and it took me a couple of runs to “feel it”. On the 2nd run I kind of slid into tree, but after that I was fine. A couple of others in the grouped dumped a few times. While I wasn’t the strongest in the group, primarily because I didn’t have fat skis, they never had to wait for me. I kept thinking to myself, “If had those ******* fat skis, I’d be charging, kicking ass”. On one of the runs I screwed up, skied past the left track that was set. All the sudden I found myself on a steep pitch, that could have easily slid. Luckily, the guide spotted me and was like, “Pau!. Stop right there. Very carefully, traverse over to me”. After that dumb ass move the guides gave me the evil eye, the rest of the day.

]I did get some redemption, though. The next day we all went and skied a few laps in the ski area. I dusted all but one of them (Johnny, who’s been in Warren Miller movies – great skier) in the bumps. I think they were surprised to see me skiing so well.
So while I’m happy as hell – and proud (they called my skis “pencil sticks”), I’m at peace with the experience. I skied snow most never will, all day. I skied very challenging conditions; truly, “steep and deep”. Yes, it was exhilarating, spitting out snow all day. But it was also scary, the thought of “what if?”. I don’t have to do it again, but if I did, I’d have fat skis for sure. I have to say, I did have a resentment towards you, for giving you my 88’s. I hope you really love those skis, man. They’d have come in handy. Oh well.

So there you go.
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have any pics from your trip?
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not my trip, and my friend isn't really into taking pictures.
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