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Constructive Opinions Please...

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OK - Constructive opinions please. I just finished re-designing the Valdez Heli-Camps site. http://www.valdezhelicamps.com What do you think of the over all presentation? I know that the site has more content than most of the heliski company sites, but can you move through it well, feel nice and tight, etc...?

Before you ding me on it, I know that the brochure and letter PDF files need to come down in size.

Thanks for your opinions.

Owens Never Sleeps
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looks good and moves well.
i don't know a thing about this stuff but i am always curious as to how color is used, esp. in regards to what is known about what different hues "mean" to different people. but that's a digression.
good job, ONS.
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Here is a good resource for you:


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Nice work, The site moves cleanly and it is well organized. I like how you kept it simple and tailored it to the clientelle that will be viewing it. The tool bar at the top took a little long to load but that could be my connection. I even bought a hat while I was there to test out that functionality. It is very good. I would look at the color scheme for that again though some of the words are hard to make out because of the blue on blue. The only place I would suggest using a bit more flair would be in the "why Valdez Helicamps" page. I think people need to come away from that page juiced to plan a trip. The bulleting of information is a little boring. I liked the photo gallery with the various borders around the pictures. That's a great way to break up the monotony of a typical gallery. All in all great job.
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Nice site. : : Like the layout and colors. Pages load reasonably fast.

One thing jumps out is that there is not a way to get into first or second level category of menu and stay there, e.g. I can select Information then Trip details then Ability level and finally page appears. If I want to get to Meals which is right next to it I have to navigate all the way from the top.
The menu approach is nice when you are looking for something specific, but when trying to read section after section it is a pain.
I would suggest adding shortcut buttons to get to other topics under the same category. I.e. when you are under Trip detail/Ability levels you should be able to get to other items of that submenu with one click.

Site map would be nice as well. I always find that I missed something by going through menu.


PS: How does one get a job designing websites for heli-skiing companies. If you need any help with Java or database work I could be paid in heli-dollars.
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I keep my display resolution at 1024 X 768 both at work & home. At that resolution the drop-down menus end up being really small & hard to read plus hard to navigate even on a 19" monitor.
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For whatever reason (maybe because it's an odd browser) Netscape 6.2 didn't load your menu bar at all. Fine in Netscape 4.7 though...

As a person who dabbles in site design and promotion, you may want to make sure search engines are able to discern the links through your site using the menu design that you've got as well. Otherwise, google and others may just think you've got a 1 page site!
I do like the pictures you've got and the text layout and such!
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Hi Owen,

Nice job. I recommend you drop the Flash intro. Those things are just window dressing and ego boosters for web site designers. Remember when web sites had all those little animated gifs thrown into them just for the sake of having them. Do a test, put a hyper link at the end of the flash intro to enter the site, move your skip flash intro link down farther on the page and check your log files to see how people get off that page, less then 5% of visitors will sit through a flash intro anymore.

Cut up your main graphic called frontimage.jpg into smaller images and put it in a table, have it optomized in photoshop. 111k is a ridiculously large file, you should be able to reduce it to 20k easily, cutting loading time by 3/4 for dial-up. Actually you need to optimize all the pics.

Put text links on the main page so engines can index the rest of the site. You need return navigation on all the pages inside the site. Those are all minor things in the big picture. 90% of clients should be pretty happy with what you have there.

Here is a really good site that is in the same biz model as yours. http://deserthighlights.com

The stong suit to their site is the trip reports section. Probably the best I've ever seen online. They've got it in a good format and have executed the idea very well.
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Like the comment about the splash page, I think the main page should introduce you to actual content. You are two clicks away from knowing anything which is a little annoying especially having to download large images.

Use of deprecated HTML tags is frowned upon too. Use CSS instead for colour and fonting.
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