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Toronto bootfitters

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Hi Folks

I posted this in the Boot forum, but would like the general membership's opinions as well.

I am looking for a shop in Toronto to get new boots, stance balance, fitting, footbeds, etc. Have come across: Sign of the Skier, Sporting Life, Skiis and Bikes, and Corbett's in Oakville. Anyone have any experience or suggestions? From their websites, they all seem to offer a very thorough service. I will only have 1-1.5 days in Toronto, so am looking for a shop that has all the tools and can do everything on site. If anyone has any suggestions for other shops, please let me know.

Thanks very Much
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Some advice in this thread. :
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I didn't see this post here in the general forum, and sent Jeff a PM from his duplicate post in Bootfitting. I've copied my response here for anyone interested:

Hi Jeff,

I couldn't reply to your post (only the bootfitting experts at Epic can do so), but thought I'd share some experiences in a private message.

We live near Toronto, and have used several ski shops in the city and surrounding area.

My wife had good luck with The Sign of the Skier on Yonge Street. They seemed quite knowledgeable and helpful. Luckily for her, the Lange boots she bought there fit her almost perfectly right out of the box, so there really wasn't much for the shop to do to adjust the fit, mold the liner, etc.. (in other words, I can't really comment on the quality of their service, as they didn't need to step up to the plate, so to speak). They are a specialty ski shop, whereas the larger stores like Sporting Life sell everything but the kitchen sink, so I'm not sure you'll get the same attention and experienced staff at Sporting Life.

Having said that, the Sporting Life store in Sherway Gardens mall in the west end seems to have some knowledgeable people in their ski department, although I haven't used them for bootfitting. Every time I've called a supplier rep looking for spare parts, they've referred me to Sporting Life Sherway -- eg. I needed cuff alignment bolts for my Tecnica boots, which came out in the snow, and Marker/Tecnica Canada sent me there instead of to their downtown store.

I got good fitting service at a very small store north of the city, near a small town called Loretto (45 minutes drive from downtown). This is a very quirky place, so be warned. Ramshackle old base lodge at a former ski hill (no longer operating) in the middle of nowhere. But Frank, the old owner, is very knowledgeable -- if you go there, make sure you get him to help you, esp. if you have alignment problems like me. The others in the shop are not as experienced. Frank helped me with hot-forming, foot beds, and adjusting the canting to correct pronation. They have Tecnica, but I'm not sure what else. I don't remember seeing much performance-oriented gear there, though, if that's what you're after. 905-729-2385 is their number.

If you can really go out of your way, and drive up to Collingwood (about 2 hours from Toronto), Squire John's has a good reputation, but I haven't used them.

I would avoid Skis and Bikes, at least their Mississauga store. Every time I've been in there, the staff have been nothing but aloof and totally indifferent. About as unhelpful as you can get. Their Don Mills store and their Collingwood stores may be better, but I don't know.

I don't know much about Corbett's, but friends of ours who are hard-core skiers go there, and I trust their judgment.

Hope this helps. Best of luck, and let me know how you make out, and if you find a place that warrants a recommendation.


I read the agonizingly long thread about Sign of the Skier, and don't wish to start another one about that store here, so please take my comments about them at face value. That is, we've had limited contact with them, and we really haven't needed to test their mettle vis-a-vis customer service. FWIW, we've no complaints, and the people we've dealt with there have been decent. But we've only been there on quiet days; typically mid-week mornings when no customers are there, and only the senior staff are around.


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