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This pack sells for around $135 on the Internet, I'll sell it for $60 plus shipping.

It's a super-nice side-country or small day pack with all kinds of great bells and whistles to maximize use of its space. Integrated spine protection system to keep your backbone in one piece. I can tell you from experience that it carries weight exceptionally well, even hauling skis and fully loaded. You'd hardly know it's on your back when you turn. Comes with loops and straps for carrying skis, snowboards, and ice axes, and has specific storage places for shovel and probe. Bottom pocket is great for fast access to your first aid kit and other emergency gear, or if you just want to keep your sandwich in a non-crushable spot. Hydro pack isn't integrated but the pack is designed to hold a water bladder, if you want to add one.

Here's what says about it:
Protect your spine with Ortovox SPINE PROTECTION SYSTEM. This ski pack is specifically designed for women that are looking for extra body protection while still enjoying the freedom of movement. Sounds sexy, yeah?

Ortovox Top Rider is perfect for free, piste and off piste riding. Cary it easily on a chair lift and then drop to a bowl full of powder knowing that your spine is protected the best way it can be.

At its 23 litres of volume this ski pack offers the same as any bigger back packs - straps for attaching ice axe, skis or snowboard.

All in all, this Ortovox ski pack is an awesome day pack with all features you expect from a free ride back pack.