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4x4 Renegade

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I'm getting more into skiing off-trail and am looking for an affordable mid-fat ski to take me there without breaking the bank. I am considering the Renegade, which I believe was Dynastar's entry level model for the 4x4 line of mid-fat skis. Is anyone out there using the Renegade? How does it perform for the upper intermediate skier? I want to get off the blue runs and out into the powder/trees/crud.
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Geoff- I have ski the renegades for the past three years. I actually just sold but Ireally liked them. they were exteremly manuverable though trees and I never had a problem skiing them in crud. When I was in the deep stuff I had to work a little to make theme stay a float but the performed pretty well. Over all I think they would be a great ski for you.
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Thanks for the reply. What are your stats? I'm 6ft, 170lb most days and I tend to take more risks/jumps/chances than maybe I should at my age (How old am I? Old enough to still notice the snow bunnies but too old for them to notice me). I'm leaning toward 178cm in the Renegade. Is that a good length? I think longer would be a mistake. I want a quick-handling ski.
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I am 5'10 140 and I skied the 178 I thinl you would do just fine on them especially if you want a qiuck handler. I bet you could get them for a great price
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I see from your profile that you have Dynastar ATV's. I'm guessing that you moved up the ATV after selling your Renegades. How do they compare to the Renegade and do you think I should consider looking at the ATV as well as the Renegade?
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As I thought about it last night I started thinking that you may be to heavy for the renegade. the atv is a good ski but it is sort of hard to control while glade skiing but you gain some width for skiing powder. the Atv is also probably more expesive look into both of them. let me know what you end up on!

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for what it worth --The last several Renagades I sold (they are 3 year old ski) I sold with a Marker SC 6--So if you want a supple ski leave it at #1 if you want a stiffer ski set at #2 and on to #3. Every one I sold them to said it worked for them.
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DONDA - You have sold a few Renegades, so you must have an idea as to who should be using the ski. Dukie is of the opinion that I could be too big/heavy for the Renegade in 178cm, but that's the length I prefer. He thinks the ATV may be better. Also, will a riser plate (10mm) work with the Renegade? Thanks.
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