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Diamond Stone Lubricant?

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What kind of lubricant should I be using with my Moonface diamond stones?
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SSSSSH, not so loud! It's a secret. In fact some call it "secret sauce".



hope this helps
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a 50/50 mixture of denatured alcohol and water works too and is cheaper
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So does plain old water.
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Vodka or Whiskey. And invite some friends over too. Turns a night of tuning into so much more...
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I've wondered what the alcohol does. I think the 50/50 mix is just to raise the flash point to make sure nobody blows themselves up when they light their ptex candle.
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I've found the alcohol allows it to dry quickly so you don't get water all over your skis when it time to wax.
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IMO the 50/50 mix makes for easier & quicker cleaning of diamonds and stones as it seems to keep the filings from 'adhering' as readily compared to just water. Might be splitting hairs, but it does seem to be more efficient overall....and it's cheap and easy to acquire.
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