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Airbrush Artist

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I was looking around the net and found this site very cool here,had to join
I saw someone looking for a custom painter to paint a helmet but cant find that thread, I had my snowboard painted by this guy in my town I dont know if he paints ski helmets or what it would take, but this guys good he did a true fire on my board with this girl in a gost like in a candy blue, I dont know how he does it,only cost me $300.00 bucks, I droped it off sunday got it on friday ready for the weekend, this forum wont let me add a picture of it, he told me that he would add it to his site soom,
his name is Tony web site is
and his number is 509 669 5051
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thats pretty sick thanks!
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300 bucks is a lot of money
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might be worth $300 if you could get this guy:
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