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What skis for L3 exams?

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I am a BASI L2 and doing ISIA exams next season in France. I need an all rounder for mainly piste skiing along with some variables and bumps. Needs to be able to rip short radius turns and be lively while not overlapping my current skis, neither of which fit the bill. I am 6'4" 97 kg and prefer a shorter ski..

Currently have:

Fischer RC4 SL 165 race stock skis - great fun but a bit too narrow, short and stiff for bumps and off piste.

Volkl Karmas 177 length 119/87/111 20.0 R. with interchangable Alpine and telemark bindings. nice skis for off piste but too wide and too big a sidecut for quick turns and bumps.

Current short list to demo:

Head Supershape Magnums 177 121/71/107 13.5 R hear very good things from lots of people
Fischer RC4 Progressors 175 117/70/100 16.0 R as i really like my fischers could these be the ones?
Elan Speedwave 14 176 116/70/105 friends rave over them....

Any others i should be thinking about... Atomic Metrons? Nordica Dobermans? Head supershape Chips, xx?

Any advice would be warmly welcomed....
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Progressors or try the Volkl RC Racing. I wonder if the AC30 might fit too...
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I thought the Progressor might be that ski. I finally got to try it. IMHO it is not. I wonder if my ski might have had a hanging burr or something, but it was very hard to get it to do anything other than carve. On the plus side, it is one of the few consumer skis I've ever been on that really does have the edge grip of a race stock.

Dynastar Contact 11 is hard to beat.
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Contact 11 is a good thought too.
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post
Contact 11 is a good thought too.
I agree completely. I think the Contact 11 is a really great all-around ski.

Of course, I really think you need to try the SS Magnum as well.
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In most cases, an examiner will not expect you to perform a task that your skis cannot. Therefore the edge grip/tight turns of a race stock SL are probably excessive. If such things were actually necessary....the required equipment would be specified. IMO a broad spectrum ski will perform what is necessary and help you to avoid equipment induced mistakes. I'd concur on the C-Ltd or possibly a Nordica Modified or AC-30. All are superb teaching skis with the Contact being probably the more forgiving of the three.

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Thanks all, I have heard a lot of negative comments on the Fischers so they are out. Will try to have a go at some Dynastar Contacts, hadnt thought of dynastar and they are quite common where i ski. Volkl RC racetiger is a good idea as well

agreed that they "should" take into account ski geometry but why give them any excuses... I skied with an ex-examiner last month and he said to change skis from my karmas as although he knows what skis i am on and what they can/cant do he would have to keep reminding himself of that. His view was as most people fail here on bumps and short radius turns get a ski that works better for those conditions.
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Sorry for the Bump but I need some additional help. BASI (the british PSIA) have implemented a 17m sidecut rule for skis on ISIA level courses. So i need to start again for which skis for my exams this season...

Current shortlist is:

Stockli stormrider Off road XL 174 111/75/102 R 18.5 or maybe 184 in 20.8 R
Volkl AC30 177 118/76/104 R 18.4
Movement Flame 179 118/78/108 R 17

K2 recon 174 119/78/105 R 18
Atomic Nomad Blackeyes 171 or 178 17m@171 121/79/107
Élan magfires 14’s 176 17.2 R 126 / 82 / 109

Any comments on these skis and has anyone tried them side by side?
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17 minimum? I had the AC30s and they were damn good skis when I took them out. My friend has magfires and has used my ac30s (before they hit the selling block), and he liked them alot. he never really told me which he like more though :/.
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Wasn't there a Blizzard IQON in that size?
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
Wasn't there a Blizzard IQON in that size?
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Rise to the Top - Thanks, keep hearing good things about the Ac30's and i can get some cheap here...

Comprex - yet another good looking ski that fits the bill but i cant locate over here.. Also would be a bit leary of having an American ski for warranty and repair reasons...
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Blizzards are Austrian. Speaking of Austrian, those new Kastles are supposed to be really nice. Maybe they have something that will work.
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oops of course they are, i just went to the USA site link provided and made a wrong assumption..

Definately another ski to consider, thanks comprex !
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