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Best time/place to buy skis?

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I am in the market of looking for some good skis, along the lines of the K2 Public Enemy's, Seth Vicious, Dynastar Legends, etc. Anyways I was thinking about waiting until the off-season, end-of-season sales, like those tent sales, SNIGRAB (for those in Colorado) or ski shops trying to get rid of their last year inventory.

I asked one of my friends about this and he said he searched throughout the whole year and saw that the prices at those sales in the off-season are the same as normal prices for good, quality skis. My thinking was that if I waited until the off-season to purchase last years model they would be a lot cheaper.

Is this true? When are the best time to buy skis so you get the best deal and save $$$? Are there specific stores you would recommend or online websites? SaC deals look like they come during the off-season, and if I'm lucky enough to catch them on-time.

Also I was offered some K2 Public enemy's for $310, is this a good deal? I saw them online for a little cheaper. Thoughts?
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Sierrasnowbaords.com is an epicski supporter and currently hosting a 20-60% off sale. Prices will continue to plummet but so will the selection.
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most of the shops on CO other than resort based are already priced 20-60 off too
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Hello, I actaully went through EXACTLY what you're going through. I was even asking various shops what time of the year was best. It got to the point I was starting to spend so much on demos, waiting wasn't worth it. I was also looking at K2s PE. The cheapest I found them was CO ski and golf for 399 but then I looked on ebay and got a pair for $270 which included the shipping. I had heard people trying steepandcheap and having some luck but again I was sick of waiting. Granted I do have last years model but its basically the same ski and I actually prefer the graphics of last years to this years. There are also 07/08s on there if you really want this years model.
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Last year, SAC started offering the PEs in late Feb if I remember right, priced around $200.
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I typically shop around the CO I-70 resorts, mainly Vail and Breck during the last weekend that the resorts are open, usually around April 12-20th. I have always found fantastic deals during that time on both new skis as well as used demo pairs w/ bindings. They tend to clear everything out during their last skiing weeks.
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I buy most of my ski gear in Aspen after April 1 and buy my biking gear after October 1. I rarely pay more than 40% of MSRP.
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