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What should I expect from a fitting

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I'm new to having personal gear (usually rent) and I will be purchasing ski boots as my first. I'm tired of my feet hurting! I just came across this site and I'm learning alot but with that comes alot of questions. Some of those being about custom fitted boots. I've talked to people that went with Surefoot and they love them but what can I expect from a boot fitter suggested on this site? For starters, is there a break-in period for custom boots and how long does it usually take from fitting to having the boots complete? I live in Louisiana so my trips are usually 1 week long. Also, what kind of price range is to be expected for everything (footbeds, liner, shell, etc.)? I like to ski at Copper Mountain and next year will be the start for our family trips, kids will be 6 & 4, and I ski blues and some blacks .Thanks for any information, just trying to learn more. Jim
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Welcome Jimmy76,

It sounds like your best opportunity is to make an appointment with a bootfitter in CO. before your family trip and get set up the first evening. I would think since you will not be going for a race fit (very tight requiring more than average fitting work) your initial fitting should be pretty close to comfortable and a possible revisit to the boot fitter after your first day of skiing will more than likely take care of any pressure points or issues that arise the first day of skiing. I would avoid the McSurefoot methodology myself? Jeff Bergeron in Breckenridge is a good bet or PM "Tsavo" as she is an instructor at Copper who could offer other reccomendations! and if you need a lesson with an impressive skier and instructor she would get my nod of approval!

best of luck,
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Thanks so much for the reply. I went to Jeff's website and plan on calling him when its not so busy. After reading some opinion's on Surefoot and not really knowing who the fitters are, I have some reservations. Is it usual to get your boots the same day as the fitting with someone else?
Thanks for the recommendation on Tsavo, I'll have to PM her. I'm going to Wolf Creek, CO on 2-18 for 4-5 days, do you have any recommendations on instructors there?
Thanks again,
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