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In light of what the Up, Down & Sideways Thread and the Weight! and Fitness Thread; I am going to share with you all about my experience with people this year on the 4 days I did get to ski.

On the 4 days I got to go skiing I had looks and comments about my large size. I heard some young adults make comments like "Look at the Heffer", "HOLY COW! Look at that Wide Load", "She needs her own yellow banner and loading dock"

There was more but I am not going to make a list of Fat jokes.

All Comments Stopped when I out skied everyone of those Jerks. I even covered a group with snow that was taking bets at the bottom of the hill on how soon I was going to fall and how many people it was going to take to get me back on my feet(heard them talking about is on the lift).

Ahhhh sweet revenge.....
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it leads to

The Dark Side.
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There are so many ways to say the same thing, and in the skiing threads we might argue over words. I haven't been adding mine, because once it's been said, no sense in saying the same thing again.

This issue needs to be said many different ways. This is now the third thread dealing with "looks". These is personal stuff for all of us.

Muscle, strength, balance, grace, fluidity, fun are all different. If we lock into a limited look at ourselves and our sport we are reducing our appreciation of skiing.

The link in the Fitness thread is wonderful! Three experiences to share.

One of my Martial Art Masters has the look of a rather large "teddy bear". He is soooo smooth in his movements.

A student at my school's Dance Academy is considered on the "large" size, yet is the more accomplished dancer. She knows where she needs to be and gets there without the typical looking around at others for cues. She has fluidity and grace.

Our yearly Whale Watch trip is a wonderful experience for these inner city kids. eat them or you get the "cool" looking fishes for a tank. When they see the grace of these definitely large mammals breaching(jumping) and swimming..."They're beautiful man!" Given a choice of buying a poster of tropical (pretty)fish at the Boston aquarium or of a breaching whale...the beauty of the whale wins.

If people want to "laugh" and be crude, it just shows their ignorance. By doing our skiing better than them, by having lots of fun, we are showing them in our own way that they could still learn a thing or two, ro three..
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Good luck, SnOeagle. You are lucky, in a way, because you are in transformation. There's nothing more exciting and mysterious than engaging in deliberate change.
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Here's an interesting story. I have a student who grew up in what was the Soviet Union. As a child, her school discovered she had talent as a dancer, so she was enrolled in a rigorous ballet training program.

Then she fell and hurt her back.

After her rehab period, she was still capable of dancing, but not as well. So she was not allowed to participate in ANY dance or physical activity programs, because, after all, doing so she will not someday be benefiting Mother Russia! :
So going from a high level of activity to no activity, she started gaining weight.

She is currently clinically obese, but adores taking classes, especially the dance oriented ones.

This year she tried skiing for the first time, out in Banff. She felt that her instructor at Lake Louise felt uncomfortable working with someone her weight, and did not do well.
She had another instructor at Sunshine, who was overweight herself. It was a great lesson, and now she loves skiing!

Be glad we live in a country where people of all sizes are ALLOWED to particpate in physical activity!
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Why is it that people who wouldn't dare utter a peep about race, religion, or handicap will feel completely brazen when it comes to weight? Horrible.

Keep your head up high, SnO Eagle. You're still you, no matter what your size happens to be at the moment. They're losers for life.

Hopefully they got the message when you showed them how to ski and sprayed them. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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People can be so cruel, eh?

That happened to me this year. I was in the self timed racecourse at Sundown and I fell in a corner. Well, it was under the lift, of course, and being how it was late in the day, after skiing full tilt (for me) a full 6 hours, I was tired and had lost a lot of strength. (In case you don't know, I have MS, and it takes a toll, but it isn't like I have outward signs of a disability, so how would ya know?)

I floundered on the ground, as it was nearly flat at that point, and was trying to get a ski off so I could stand up, and the taunts and jeers were neverending. Most of them from young boarders, and while I was doing my best, it took about 2 minutes to get up, get my gear on, and get out. Meanwhile, it was "Hey bit--, you're time is past 3 minutes, hahaha", and "Get a crane", and "Get off the racetrack if you don't know how to ski". The "hey bit-- comment came from a kid of about 12 by the sound of his voice, and I remember saying something equally nasty involving some f words. Not my finest constraint, but enough was enough.

Those kind of comments seem to be in ski resorts everywhere. I have never been ice skating, bowling, playing softball, racing, or biking and heard that kind of crap.

Good on ya, SnO. I hope you go to Utah and ski with me. We will be quite the pair!
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