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Day Heli

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If anyone's interested, I'm trying to put together groups to do day heli trips here in Italy (Monterosa, La Thuile or Valgrisenche). Cheers.
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I'm very interested, if we get there next year as planned.
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Well if I do it this year I'll let you know how it was. To date the conditions haven't been right any time I've been able to go.
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I understand you can ski from Monterosa to Zermatt and return in the same day, true?

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details, please!

Originally Posted by barrettscv View Post
I understand you can ski from Monterosa to Zermatt and return in the same day, true?

Prickly- we are going to be in Zermatt in about 2 1/2 weeks (only for a couple of days, unfortunately). Tell me more about this (I know about skiing down to Cervinia, although I would like to know how long to allow for this, since our 1st day we arrive at 10am and don't know if there's enough time). We are looking at hiring a guide to ski off-piste on our 2nd day.

Also, any suggestions as to where to rent skis? We'll be traveling with our boots, but since this is 2 1/2 days out of a 12 day trip, including 3 days of lecturing in Basel (the real reason for the trip) I don't want to shlep our skis. Rumor has it that it is hard to find fatter rental skis- true?
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In Zermatt you shouldn't have any problem finding the skis you want to rent. I'll dig you out a Zermatt guide's number later. They'll hook you up with what you need to go heliskiing, but you'll presumably need to be a group of four, they won't form groups for you. In Zermatt, just walk around with a gold card in hand and you can get what you want.

Disclaimer to this thread: I've heliskied in Canada, but never in Europe. Partly because I'm a snow snob and partly because it's just harder to organize here. Generally, you've got to form your own group, which always puts me off a bit. Also, there do not tend to be standalone heli operators. It's usually the guide service that acts as liason. So you hire a guide for a day or whatever, and they liase with a pilot and set up some runs. It's usually just one or two rotations, often starting from the top of the lifts, though the runs should be longer than in North America.
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Thanks, prickly-
This will be our 1st time skiing in Europe (actually it is my first time spending any time in Europe at all, unless you count several 5 hour layovers in Frankfurt). I should clarify that we are planning lift-served, not heli, off piste (considering the cost of everything in Switzerland and the dismal slide of the dollar my wife has placed some not unreasonable limits on my ski spending!). I made an inquiry through the Zermatt Alpin center website- is that a good route to go through (certainly appears to be)? Is it worth reserving skis in advance on line (does it save time, ensure that you get what you want, etc.)?

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