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To All Who Have Had A Cat

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Anyone who has had a cat will recognize this.
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Hey! That looks like my little Blackcomb!
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We have a cat who does that (but without the bat). She touches your face to wake us up. Poke, poke......how annoying! Why can't she just learn to do the dishes?
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We have a kids who does exactly the same. Every morning. Why can't they just go and do the dishes? And breakfest ;-)
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You have a perfect impression of our BIG black Male Cat " Latifah "( Long story on the name short version he found us i thought HE was a SHE DUH !!! not a cat person at first )

He's a split personality theres luvable " Teefy" and "The Terrible TEEFSTER" . He's got this morning gig thing perfected

I LUV this damn cat -- go figure
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Feb 6, 2008

Hi All Cat Lovers:

The only thing left out of the video is for the "lazy owner" to pull the sheets over his face. Admit it, we've all done it. There is no getting around it when you have an "annoying" cat:.

think snow,

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Funny video!

My black cat Horus is a real character and he's been extra annoying the past few days. I can't figure it out but usually it's something that's out of order. Particularly if the wife's cat misses the litter box or makes a mess somewhere he's not supposed to, my cat will make a fuss til I fix it.

They don't have opposable thumbs or the ability to speak or he would have told me already .
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