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Glencoe - Scotland - Saturday 2nd Feb 2008

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First tr here so hello

Rose early at 5am to take the drive north to Glencoe with Garry, Paul and Lyndsey. We were the 2nd car in the car park but had to wait another hour before we got on the lift and up the hill. The lifts had all been damaged in storms (120mph winds) the night before so only 4 lifts were running. The whole place was quiet though so it meant for short lift q's and quiet(ish) slopes.

The snow had been battered off the top of Meall a Bhuairidh with the high winds the night before so the top was not as filled in as the middle of the hill. Still good snow though with nice powder in places. Further down there was plenty of powder if you stayed away from the main drag.

The start of the day started with light winds and poor visibility. By the end of the day, the winds were strengthening and visibility was worse. The light was Flat with a capital F, which meant skiing most places by feel rather than picking a line down. It was also very cold which meant a lack of pictures as the day went on.

We stayed on the mountain until lunch, then after another few runs decided to pack in at about 3pm due to deteriorating conditions (wind, blizzards, no visibility). Paul and Lyndsey took the lift back down, but me (skis) and garry (board) made the run back to the bottom car park. It was excellent at the top of that run, but by the time we got down to 370m at the car park, we were skiing on a mix of snow, grass, mud and water. That's skiing in Scotland for you!

Not as glamarous as the alps, or most other places on our planet, but it is cultured

Anyway, a good day had by all and looking forward to Claviere in a couple of weeks time

Not many pics as it was too horrible to keep taking the camera out. The pics below show the horrible flat light and lack of visibility...




Paul (this is in the best light conditions of the day!
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Now THAT looks like fun!
Have you had much of a ski season over there?
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There's been a few good days, but (as always) the snow doesn't last long enough to get a really good season in. Those dam westerlies from the Atlantic drag warm air up from the south west and melts all our snow...

The sooner this global warming thing gets a move on and melts the ice caps which in turn will cut off the gulf stream which, ironically enough, will give us year round snow and ice, the better!

more photos from saturday

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Hey don't you guy's have any trees over there?

I've never thought of Scotland and skiing. Thanks for sharing.

Looks like about the same lighting we get here in New England.
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Great post!!!!

Welcome to epic ski.

Keep the Scotland stuff coming...love it
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The Victorians chopped down all our trees to make tables and chairs :

Apparantly, Scotland used to be covered in trees, much like BC is nowadays but deforestation took care of that!

I doubt much could grow on the tops though as 100+mph winds are very common up there during winter.

Trees would be a welcome addition as some rocks are just too small to hide behind (from the blizzards) sometimes.
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