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Scott Ski's

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Last year I was given a pair of skis and bindings which i have no Idea if they are right for me. To start of I am 6'1 and weight in at 250. I consider myself a 7 out of 10. I ski mainly in the west coast and I am an all mountain skier.
The equipment in question are Scott Endorphin. They have a sidecut radius of 23.1m, sidecut dimensions of 99/62/88mm, 190 cm long, and wood laminate construction. Also with the skis came atomic 614 bindings. They are not mounted on the skis. I tried to search online to find out more about the skies but to no avail. My previous skies were traditional 193cm skies.
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Why not just try them? It won't cost much to get them mounted up.
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Terrible skis.
Terrible bindings. SEND ME the bindings.

I buy/test/..fiddle around with plates/mounts/bindings keep some/sell some..about 25 pairs of skis per year. Have for the last 7 years. Only drawback to this disease is that to afford to be able to do it I have to buy about 2-3 y/o skis. Most new..some used. With that..some of the stuff I see..buy..welllll

3 years ago I see some race stock Dynastar slaloms..Speed STc.s. The guy insists they are 182. He also has these Scotts..that I/he/there is not much info on them. They were like $100 for both pairs new including shipping. I think both of these are 02 models.
The Dynastars are indeed 182..race stock. simply way too stiff for anyone to ski. They are long gone.

The Scott's..I VERY much doubt whether I will EVER sell them.! Actually there are 2 Endorphins..SC/RC. Blue/Red Very similar I think you have the blue ones. I do.

Me 5 10/215

The Scotts. Few skis even come close to these for real buttery smoothness on packed..or a bit of fresh..lazily/easily skiing some blues/easier blacks. These will lay down the prettiest,easiest arcs..medium ones..very easily bendable to tighten them up a bit..nice little kick out of the tail. I have never been on a ski that will ski the # of turns/radius's of these. 'Cause they are soft/bendable. But the trade off is a ski in a 190 that is not really stable..or stiff in any way..even considering it's length. Man these skis make you feel like a million bucks! They will also skid/pivot well too.
They are stable and will run in a straight line/don't have to be kept on edge. They have a reasonable speed limit. But it is sure there! They will not carve hard. Quick..light..yes. Hard..no..they will wash out. They are pretty weak torsionally. Not that good as expected on ice either. Leave high edge angles for another ski. Not these.

Packed powder/some fresh,a bit of grip. If you have fairly good technique..can finesse them and do not try and muscle them around. Want a lighter/low effort/SMOOOOTH ride..these will satisfy experts for a quick fall line ride. Just don't even think about full throttle/hard carving..hard skiing..a bit of ice..rough stuff.

To be honest..these skis are so light..get rid of those HEAVY,plonky 6-14's and find some lighter bindings. They are waaaay too heavy,too much binding for this ski. Even the later 6-14 Xentix they say are 1 lb lighter are nuts heavy. There really is not enough ski here for just about anyone to justify a din over about 9.
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