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I have been looking through the forums trying to find a post with my exact issue and have finally decided to consult the boot gods of this forum.

I have been skiing for 15 years, I guess I am an expert level skier, enjoy SG turns all over the mountain and exploring the steeps, bowls, Pow etc. I love skiing…. I know because I have suffered through some of the worst pain in my life whilst doing it and still love it. I am 260lbs 6’3” tall. I started out with some rossi boots back in the day, then unfortunately moved to the notorious Nordica GP90’s (what was I thinking) where I endured extreme pain every time I skied, on a level of 1 – 10 it would have been a 10. Then out of frustration I moved to some Salomon Performa EXP 9.0’s with custom liners and my pain was lowered to a tolerable 5. The pain is always the same excruciating arch and side of the foot pain, moderate on the lifts, best hauling arse, and maximum pain off piste, moguls, anything that requires significant foot steering combined with strong resistance (as in tip deflection etc). If it helps, inline skating and ice-skating have proven to be equally miserable on my arches also.

I have stuck with the Salomon boots even though The performance I feel is lacking for my weight and skiing style and now the liner is so packed out that my heals are coming up about 1-2 inches!! If I get a bit off balance, so obviously the performance is disintegrating with time, I basically tele ski inside my boots (Scary). So I am finally looking at new boots and I have been very nervous to say the least, I have been researching boots, looking at this forum, talking to boot fitters at Park City (I work at Park City Mountain Resort).

My question is. Is there a way for me to get my foot pain to a 2 or below and still keep the performance I want? I am willing to do what ever it takes. So far the boot fitters I have talked with have said that I have a slightly wide fore foot, a wide mid foot, I guess my arch etc are average. I have been steered in the direction of an Atomic M-110, but I am really interested in doing an AT boot like the Garmont Endorphin or something like it. Can I do some kind of AT boot? I would love to get some specific suggestions so I can have some knowledge when I work with my boot fitter. And maybe have a few models to choose from. Is there hope for my feet?