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A beautiful day...

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Thursday, march 20.
Probably 100 people on the hill in the morning, about one (me) in the afternoon.
At my disposal: 2 black runs with a couple of jumps in it.
a couple of blue to get warm in the morning.
Chairlift being run at the lowes speed possible (17 minutes to climb, 6 minutes and less to ski down the run), allowed for a nice sun burn, even the back of my hands is burned (I took off the gloves while on the chair)
I just ignored one of my unwritten rules (no music players on whle skiing) and stole my wife's MP3 player (a tiny thing, 60g, that's grams, not grains) with 2 hours and a half music in it.
And to the words of song like:
"...Nichts war zu spät_ Aber vieles zu früh..."
"...I'm not afraid of dying, it's just that I don't want to..."
"...I don't wan to dye, but I ain't keen of living either..."
"me and my monkey...we don't want to kill no mexicans.."

Set myself to lay RR tracks on the slopes, oh what a feeling!
I even performed some jumps (since runs were fairly empty), mind you, nothing fancy, I'm to old for all that stuff, a spread eagle here and there, a .... (crossing the skis at boots level), turning the lower body (and the skis) 90 deg left and right, all the while screaming with joy like a banshee (and scaring the hell out of those who were near enough to hear).
While winding up to go home, to song words entered my head
"..I will ride forever...I have my memories..."
"...what a beautiful day..."

All trees were blossoming, flowers everyewhere, ahh spring.
This is not the end, just another beginning.
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beautiful sentiments! thanks, Matteo!!

makes me feel a little better about spring.

- Linda
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Don't worry about spring , it's fall in Argentina and the ski season strats in late june ( So I have less than 90 days to suffer) :
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LindA, happy to be of help [img]smile.gif[/img]

Extreme, "la pazienza e' la virtu' dei forti"
(Spanish is close enough to Italian for you to understand that, I hope)
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