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Urgent! Spontaneous SLC trip this week - need some advice

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Based on the epic ski conditions the last week I have decided to cash in the frequent flier miles and make a four day trip to SLC to partake in the fun! I will be skiing this coming Friday through Monday. I would classify myself as upper intermediate and can tackle an occasional black, if not too difficult (I have skied Regulator Johnson at Snowbird). I want to ski four different resorts. The first day I would like to use the Quickstart and am thinking of PCMR since I have never skied there before. (I've been to Deer Valley.) The other places I am considering are Snowbasin (my personal favorite), Solitude (been there once and would like to try again), Alta (also been once) and Powder Mountain (never been). As you can see, that is five places and only four days to ski. Based on my upper intermediate ability, which one of the five should I bail on? Or is there somewhere else, I really, really should go to instead? It's like being a kid in a candy store with only so much money to spend!

Thanks in advance for the advice!
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If you are an upper intermediate, then I suggest Brighton. It is the cheapest one and has some super fun intermediate terrain. It has no crowds and the powder will be killer. I like it much better than Solitude. I would go with Brighton, Alta, PCMR, and Snowbasin.
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Go with your instinct for QuickStart at PCMR. After three trips to Deer Valley, I finally skied PCMR for the first time today and it was simply awesome! Coming off of surgery four weeks ago, I am sticking pretty much to blues and "friendly" blacks and Park City delivered one of my favorite days on skis EVER! Their abundance of blue runs delivers a very intimate experience (I am not a fan of runs littered with others). Feeling up for a black? Touch base with a mountain guide and ask about easier "signature runs" (these are a group of largely black runs groomed frequently but delivering a great ski experience...it is marketing at its best and I am totally buying it). :

Sorry I cannot help you with your other quests. But get off the plane with a smile on your face that will last for four awesome days!!!!!!!!
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If you're coming out because of the snow conditions I'd recommend heading for where there is the most of it, Alta and/or Snowbird. Park City gets less snow, although this year they have as much as LCC gets in an "average" year, and tends to be heavily groomed. If you prefer off-piste or ungroomed runs you'll have a much better time in LCC. If you prefer a more groomed ski surface then Park City may be your best bet. It all depends on what you're looking for.
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I've been out here for 5 days and whatever you've heard is a complete and utter lie.

The conditions are horrible.

The snow is thick, turgid, sloppy, and easily the worst conditions I have ever ridden. Ever. And that's just the slush that they've been hyping up as a solid base. Mostly it's been showering grauple endlessly.

Save those miles and go to Cabo instead.
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