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What ski?

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Long story short, with some weight gain and all-mountain experience I am looking to replace or supplement my Volkl Supersport 5 star. I liked everything about this ski (fast, damp, stable, grippy), but after gaining 25 pounds and starting to go to softer stuff more often, I am no longer satisfied - they fall through the snow every time there is more than 4 inches of powder and feel a bit short at higher speeds now that I'm bigger and stronger.

So I guess I need something new. A bit about myself - a high 7/low 8 level skier, 155lbs, 5' 8'', very athletic, moderately aggressive, improvement junkie (read books, take lessons etc), ski east and west coast (40/60), want one ski for it all, but not too much worried about deep powder performance and moguls. I initially thought about atomic metrons or nomads, then started looking at AC40 or tigersharks, but really, I do not want to confine myslef to a specific brand and want a good all-round ski. I like medium and long turns, higher speeds, sometimes GS racing, medium-density forest skiing and bowls with some relatively fresh powder (but not very deep/fresh), but I do pretty much everything once in a while and I do not have time to switch skies for that, even if it means scarificing some finesse.

So any suggestions are welcome!

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If you like Volkls the AC40 and Tigersharks (12 or 10?)would be good options.
I would check out the Nordica Top Fuel and Jet Fuel. Top Fuel is a 78mm waist, Jet Fuel is 84mm. Both are rock solid at speed and bust through everything.

Tons of good skis out there, everyone will be willing to give there opinion........

Work Smarter, Not Harder...
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hi max

if you are looking for a ski that has very good performance in many different conditions i've got something sweet for you...

but let the community speak: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=65268

i'll be on a demo tour for the next two months and i'd love to show you some really good skis. if you are close by one of the places that i'm going to be just tell me!

tour data:

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