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Junior Super G Skis

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Does anyone make a junior-specific Super G Ski?

Are they necessary? I have a 1st year J4 who needs something more than his current GS skis for Super G.

He is ~85 lbs and 5'1. I don't think he can bend an adult GS ski, so I either just put him on a longer GS ski (kids only go up to 170cm from what I see, and he is on a 160 GS ski right now) or find a true SG ski.
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They do make kids' SG skis. I've seen 168 them as short as 168.
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Where are they running J-4 SG events?

How many will he be in?
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Nordica SGJ 191cm 27m
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Originally Posted by Argus View Post
Nordica SGJ 191cm 27m
Too long.

You might want to try a 08-09 women's GS ski in the 175-180 range. Radius will be around 23m, should do him fine.
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I know Atomic & Rossi have Jr SG skis, and I would think some of the other race-oriented manufacturers would as well. They are generally in limited supply, and you might only find these skis at shops that caters to the race crowd. There's a shop in our area (Squire John's) that is very supportive of local race programs, and they maintain a selection of speed skis in a rental pool for local athletes.

The other option that works fairly well is to use an adult GS ski for speed camps. I have a 12-year old athlete who is using her brother's 175 cm/19m GS12 for introductory speed training, and her goal is to work up to a 181cm/21m radius ski for a speed camp & race. Other 12 year olds I know are on skis up to 185 cm, radius 22-24m.

Different skis (e.g. Rossi vs Atomic), and small variations in lengths (e.g. 175 vs 180) and turning radius (e.g. 19m vs 21) can make a significant difference to the young athlete, so lots of mileage and good guidance from the coach are both really important to selecting the right equipment.
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Yuki - CUSSA Age Class Championships and JO's.

I found the Nordica SGJ's, but I think 191 is too much ski for him, but I also found a pair of Atomic Jr SG skis in a 175, which I'm hoping will work well.

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