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Caberfae MI - Febuary 8th

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Caberfae is selling open to close lift tickets for $8 this Friday, if you've got a coupon that you can pick up at Bintz Ski Shop in Freeland, MI. Therefore, my question are these:

1) Who's going? A few buddies and I plan to ride the lifts open to close, or until we collapse, whichever comes first. Who wants to join us for a few runs or a few beers?

2) Who can pick up a buttload of $8 coupons for us? Or, who already has a bunch they'd like to mail/fax/email/throw/carrier pigeonto myself and others who live further from Freeland than we do from Caberfae?

So, anyone who is looking for coupons, PM me. And anyone who has coupons to share, you especially PM me, and I'll get everyone hooked up as best I can. If we run short on coupons, it'll be first come first serve, however the college discount will still get us tickets at open for just $19, and I'm happy to share that with any bears who would like it.

Finally, if anyone looking for crappy but free lodging, we'll have plenty of open couches down here at Ferris.

Let's make it rain!! Except not really rain, like it is doing here now, which makes me die a little bit inside
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I'll be skiing Caberfae today with the school kids. If I can get away from work on Friday I'll see you out there.
I still have a few 9 coupons left from the warren miller movie night, and ski swap, but I haven't counted and not sure how many I have.

I heard a rumour that bintz ski shop is down by Saginaw(ish) Not sure about that tho.

Il Skier will be there with his daughter.

Really Hope I can break away and ski with you all.
I look a lot like this:
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I'm trying to cut my Friday short at work to get out to Caberfae tomorrow. What does the roll call look like?
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TC, not me I've got to work. Maybe Sunday or Monday, not sure yet.
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