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Warm boots cheap

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With all the threads of heated boot bags, boot gloves, and heaters recently I was in Harbor Freight recently and for $9.99 on sale I found this:


My Jeep has a 12V outlet in the back so I plugged it in on the way to skiing and just pointed it at my boot bag which I left open laying on its side. I've never put on warmer, softer boots in my life. This thing rocks.

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Great idea. You have to love Harbor Freight.
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My local one is about 20 miles away. I make up reasons to go. Like "I've got this coupon for a $.99 nail set I've got to get".
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I drive by one on my way to the office. It takes will power not to buy all the $0.99 items they email me coupons for.
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Good idea. I usually just put my boots up under the dash and set my heater to blow on my legs. I have to keep my window cracked to keep from overheating my legs but the boots are so warm and pliable when i go to put them on that it is worth it.
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