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Boots Advice : Large calves, wide feet, narrow heel, female!

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Please can you help? I am at my wits end. I have been skiing 12 years, have had 3 pairs of awful boots and am on the verge of buying my 4th pair. What can you recommend for me? I am female, 5 ft 4, 130 lbs Quite fast groomed black kind of skier (a little bit of messing around in bumps) and am desperate for some boots that fit me! I have very wide feet, 23.5 boot size and low large calves. Does anyone have any suggestions? I went to a PA store with the Bootfitter qualifications but they really had very little even to start adjusting - they were so uncomfortable around the calf I would not be prepared to commit the money in case they could not improve them enough. Thanks, Rachel.
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Rachel, what were the first three pairs of awful boots?
Also sounds like you might be a good canidate for using heel lifts.
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Have you tried Head boots? I find they usually fit people with wider feet. Something like the Women's S9 would probably work for your abilty level. I would also recommend an aftermarket or custom footbed with a good heel cup and heel lifts to get your calf out of the boot.
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Hi Argus,
Thanks for your interest. As far as I can tell, first boots were Nordica N67. Second pair were San Marco (Ace9?) and current pair are Solomon evolution 9.0. The Solomon evolution make my feet go numb, but what is worst is I can't get my foot in them on my own. The arch is too big 'to go round the corner'.
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Two women in my household with wide feet using the Head S8. The wider foot of the two did require quite a bit of boot work. Both required plenty of liner stretching (that Head liner is beefy).
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Hello Rachel:

My wife had a similar fitting issue. One of the challenges was being able to fit her calf comfortably in a boot without having to have the rear cuff area modified significantly.

She finally settled on the Tecnica Attiva Flame Ultrafit (not the hotform). Of the two versions of the boot, she indicated the ultrafit liner fit her foot the best, and had ample room for her calves. The heel area in the Attiva is not that narrow, so you may find it a little larger than you care for, but the forefoot accomodated her wider foot well.

You might also try the TheSkiDiva (www.theskidiva.com) forum that is more specific for woman's needs. I periodically "spy" in their forum when I'm looking for gear for my wife.

Hope this helps

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my ol' lady has the same problems. she has calves the size of hams. she just decided to start skiing and found several boots for her calves/fred flintstone feet. techniqe(sp?) makes one called surefit that fits fat calves. our local shop did'nt have those. she ended up with salomon irony 4's that adjust out. she found them comfy and well fitting. they're only a 45 flex which would be too soft for you....but they do make irony 5,6,7,8 and maybe 9's that may work for you.
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I have similar foot/leg features and love the Nordica Olympia SM 10 that I have. It should be a strong enough boot for you. I had to have a little work done - pads around the ankles + custom insole, but have been really happy.
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I think you are better to find a good bootfitter and let them find a good boot.
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I have large calves, wide-ish foot (not unusually wide, tho), narrow heel. I have Head boots. My last boots were Salomon Evolution 8's and I spent close to a year fooling with them before they were comfortable, but I finally succeeded, primarily by adding a heel lift and cutting down the insole and custom footbed under my arch so that it didn't feel like I was standing on a ladder all day. Once they were "dialed in", I skied them for 399 days before looking into new boots because it's such a headache. The Heads were the closest shape to my foot and leg, but I still got work done by a bootfitter who spent a lot of time with me early in the season before he got inundated by other customers.
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My girlfriend and I just went through finding boots for her so maybe I can offer something useful...

She went through a lot of rentals. Her main issue was that her wide calves were thrashed within a few runs. Lesser but still a problem was relatively wide at the toes on the first joint.

Long story short- she went with Nordica Olympia Beast 10 boots as recommended by the boot fitter at Christy Sports in Colorado. That nailed it- she's certain she has the right boot and no longer complains about lower leg pain after a day of skiing.

Since you are skiing blacks (which she isn't) you will probably want a boot with less flex. Fortunately, Nordica makes some stiffer boots in that line.

Here's a wild idea... trip out to Colorado and figure in one full day for boot fitting, then a couple days (at least) to hit the slopes to try out your new boots. Hey... it's all for the love of the sport right?

I should also mention that she tried Head boots (sorry, can't recall exact model- light brown and white color scheme, current model) which were close to right, but more expensive. Again, calves were her main issue.
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lange venus is another large calf boot too
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Are you sure your not my wife? She also settled on the Tecnica Attiva Flame Ultrafit (not the hotform) like Calbearski above and could not be happier. She also got a custom foot bed and some minor grinding done.

Consider taking out any rear spoiler as this may help address your calf issues, I know it did for her. The only difference I can see from what you said is that your a slightly better skier than my wife, so they might be worth a shot.

I will second the thought about an all day boot fitting sesssion, if necessary. You will be much happier in the end. Good luck.
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Master Boot Fitter

Google Master Boot Fitters and they will have a list by state. I had simler problem with my Nordica Beasts, wide feet, high instep, boots would cut off the blood supply to toes and I could bearly walk. I went to a master boot fitter (two in Michigan) just before my trip last week to CO. Skied 5 days pain free the $170 was well worth it. I would take the three pairs of boots you already have to a Master Boot Fitter and see if they can modify one of the pairs. They did all their measurements with my foot in the shell. Good Luck!
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