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Snowshoeing in Vail?

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Trying to plan out the week of skiing, and plan to take a day off mid-week. (We'll ski Mon, Tues, Wed, take Thursday off, and ski Fri, Sat).

We'll be staying in Vail, so I thought maybe snowshoeing would be fun, and noticed that rentals are $5/hour or something similarly cheap.

Anyone done any snowshoeing out of there? Are there established trails, etc, or is it just "Go have fun! Bring our shoes back!"

What would be appropriate gear to be wearing? Standard ski stuff + insulated hiking boots?


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My wife gave up skiing a few years ago after a few injuries but took up snowshoeing. We took a pair with us to Colorado last year and she found lots of places to use them (including right out the back of our condo). You can just rent at a shop and do your own thing or go to a nordic ski area for rentals and use of their trails. Some places run guided tours. Normal ski clothes and warm boots are all you need. Just dress a little lighter than for skiing as you are working all the tiem.
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