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Volkl Bridge/Karma/Wall or Scott Punisher?

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190lbs (85kgs)
Ski in Europe.

Instructor last week said I was a level 6/7 skier.70/30 piste to off-piste so will encounter hardpack/icy conditions on most days. However I would like a ski that I can have a bit of fun on whilst on the piste or off to the sides, trying switch/jumps for example. I am also looking to step up my off-piste skiing when the conditions allow (not often!). I like to ski fairly hard usually but also sometimes cruise towards the end of the day on some easy groomers. I also am interested in getting to grips with the park at some point.

The Volkl Karma/Bridge/Wall or Scott Punisher are the skis I'm interested in. Managed to demo a pair of the Karmas in a 177 for the day and thought they were nice. Ripped the groomers and were good in the pow that I managed to find.

How different are the bridges to the karmas? I assume the extra width of the bridges will aid flotation in the pow but to anyone whose ridden the Bridges, are they as good as the Karmas on the groomers? Any other noticeable differences? Any info. on how the Walls will fair in these conditions.

Finally if anyone has any experience of the Scott Punishers for my intended purpose I would love to here your thoughts.

I have found last years Karma in a 177 but can pick up the Bridges for cheaper in either a 177 or 185. What ski and size should I go for??

Also, where should I mount. They will mainly be used for all-mountain but wouldnt mind trying to carve switch and doing some jumps on them and possibly taking them into the park for the odd box etc.

I know it sounds a bit too much to ask but my main priorities are twin tip,solid on groomers, and versatile.

Thanks for the help people, peace.
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I rode the Bridge on hard, packed powder out West. I liked it very much and found it surprisingly nimble for a 92mm waisted ski. If I didn't already have the PE, I might consider buying the bridge. I did NOT get a chance to ride it in deep powder but I suspect it does well. I personally would pick the Bridge over the Karma but was not huge Karma fan. For what you are describing I think the Bridge is a great choice. The only thing I wouldn't seek out on the Bridge would be the bumps. I find a slightly narrower ski (mid 80s) to really do well in the bumps.
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Can anyone offer me any advice?:
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Well, the wall is a ski designed for pure park, so you can probably rule that out. Other than that, if you can get the bridge for cheaper than the karma, it sounds like that would be a good ski for you.
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