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I started skiing a couple years ago - My GF and I went to Snowbowl (Flagstaff AZ) this last weekend. There was enough snow on the ground (it snowed non-stop Sunday) that I was able to ski through the trees!! I was stoked. I've literally dreamt of skiing the trees for two years now, just waiting to get better and find the right conditions. It was really, really strange - the middle of the first run everything starting clicking together - the snow was perfect, the trees weren't too tight (I did whack a lot of branches though) and the pitch wasn't too steep... I bit it a couple of times on submerged stumps or whatnot, (and mis-timed a few turns!) but didn't get hurt.

For anyone that knows the area - this was left off the White Lightening run - there is a stretch called 'the Gully' that's not on the trail map.

It was a good day.

Just wanted to share