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You all have provided great suggestions. Thank you.
I'm thinking we'll fly to Idaho Springs (direct flight) & drive up to Targhee (went there about 20 years ago and loved it). We'll do a day trip or 2 to JH as well.
Snowbird probably would have the best snow this year, but I'd be too tempted to leave my snowboarding wife and go to my favorite mountain, Alta.
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Spring skiing guide

Here is some info on spring skiing that I came accross while planning a trip this upcoming April:

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I like Jackson that week. It will be the last week and there is a fun energy, with gaper fools day, Pole pedal paddle, and the last day all falling in about a week. You could have powder, or corn, or both, all on the same day. You might be able do do some fishing. There will be some naked skiing and drinking. So don't come if you are uptight about that sort of thing.
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sunshine village.... GREAT in APRIL .... no lines great snow

fly into Calgary and 1.5 hours you are there...stay in BANFF
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