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Boot Boosters?

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I've got a pair of boots (Rossi Scratches, 27.5) that I've been using for 2 seasons. I like them, they're comfortable, and they've served me well.

I'm picking up a used pair of Fischer Worldcups pretty soon. They're a bit older but in good shape, and cheap enough that its worth grabbing them to play around on. I'll enjoy ripping around on them, but its very unlikely I'll get into any actual racing.

My trouble is, my soft and flexy Scratch boots are going to get pretty rocked by these skis. They are adjustable, and they go up to a 90 on Rossi's flex scale, for what thats worth :, but even at their tightest they're still pretty soft.

I've been searching around a bit, and I see these boot boosters suggested now and then. They seem to be pretty well reviewed, and when the pop up on the gear swap they always seem to go pretty fast, so I assume they're a pretty decent product. Would adding these to my boots make a difference on the side of good? I'm 5'7", about 150, and I've been skiing my whole life, though I wouldn't call myself an expert. I'm thinking I should go for the standard model, do you think I'd be better off with the expert?

Finally, will I really run into problems using my nice soft boots with these race skis? As I said, its unlikely I'll actually start racing competitively, and if I do I'd pick up some boots more suited for the job. I don't mind taking a performance hit, since I'm really just out to have a good time, but I don't want to put myself at a greater risk of injury or anything like that.

Thanks in advance, boot guys!!
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It sounds to me as if you are worried that skiing the boot/ski combination will ruin your boots. Foget about it! won't do any harm at all. Boots just want to have fun.

Booster straps will not stiffen a boot fitted with a power strap. If anything they will soften it. They are a great product but not for what you have in mind.

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as Lou say the booster would not stiffen your boots as such, what they will do is give you a better rebound in the boot which can give it a more responsive feel, best thing is to go to your local store and try the booster , you can just wrap it round the top of the boot and get the effect without having to drill anything

give it a go, it may work for you it may not
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