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Wolf Creek driving conditions

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Can anyone give some history on the road conditions from Pagosa Springs, CO to Wolf Creek? I'm going in 2 weeks for the first time and we're staying in Pagosa Springs for 6 days. I've never been before and have read that the roads are closed today on the west side. Is this fairly common and/or how long is the typical closures? I've usually stayed at the resorts at other places so this hasn't been an issue before. Just wondering the chances of missing out on skiing days. Thanks for any help. Jim

This is my first post on this site and I'm sure glad I found it!! Great site with loads of info.
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I think historically having the road closed is fairly rare, but it is happening a lot this year.

Rather than counting on the ski area to update its website, you can go straight to the source at the colorado highway info,
and then click on "Alerts and Restrictions"

As of right now, the relevant entry is
US 160 Wolf Creek PassExisting Conditions: (blo sno)(sno)(icy)(snpk)(drft sno)
Restrictions in Place: CLOSED. Adverse conditions.
Comments: CLOSED. Adverse conditions.

I don;t know if there is any "how long" info elsewhere on the site -- did not spend too long poking around.
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Thanks for the link. I'll check that their website for more accurate conditions. Hopefully we won't have a problem not being able to get to the mountain. Thanks Jim
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There is a phone recording too. (Under FAQ, I think.)

BTW, I'm going to Wolf Creek this coming F&S. I hope to post a few pictures. (I was last there in 2002 and am looking forward to it.)
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Hope you have a good trip!! Please post picutes!!
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Usually they reopen the road quite fast, but this year WC is having a massive amount of snow. 400+ inches already and its average is 465'' for the whole season. They are about to hit 200'' base at the summit :

In case you get unlucky with a road closure you can try to drive west to Durango for one day, it's about 75 minutes away.
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86" out of this current storm alone.
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That's awesome!!! I can't wait to go!!
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