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Im So Sad...

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What a horrible year 2008 is turning out to be.

I blow out my knee and cant ski, the West has its best snow year maybe ever.

My wife leaves me 3 weeks ago, and I am heartbroken.

Watch next year i'll be back on my feet and looking forward to going to CO for some skiing and the snow will suck.
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Hang in there guy...you can't believe how many of us have gone through a knee injury, a bad winter, and a split up. They always are replaced by better times.

All three at once must be tough.
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Been there, done that. Don't worry. Soldier on, steady. It will pass.
2001 till 2005 were my "Annus Horribilis"...Now life is good again.
Still one "little" hurdle ahead, but
Beauty (as the Navajo say, I think) has been restored.
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Well, I'd tell you to go skiing to forget her, but that does seem to be an issue.

So here's what you do. Hang in. Get strong. Focus on the good in your life. Make new friends. Move on.

Then next year, screw Colorado. Go where the snow is good. Meet some nice ripping skier chick who's daddy owns half on Intrawest, and you're all set.
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Chin up, there will be a bright side. That being said, buy yourself a little something for when you can ski again. I doubled my ski gear collection while I was down and out with a cracked vertebrae...at least I still felt like I was part of the scene and had all this new gear to look forward to use as soon as I got better.

Matters of the heart, well that's more complicated, but time (and or a sexy replacement ) heals all wounds
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Originally Posted by pattongb View Post
I blow out my knee and cant ski, the West has its best snow year maybe ever. My wife leaves me 3 weeks ago, and I am heartbroken.
Figure out how to make that rhyme and you've got some great lyrics for a country song.
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Ahhhhhhhhh! The heart is indeed a dark place. I remember when my first wife left me, in college, no job or money in the bank, my vets bennies expired and I was thirty years old to boot.

I was feeling low. Then I walked out of Bliss Hall on campus .... and looked out at the greensward teeming with students.

I realized that I was alone and adrift in the midst of a good school that just happened to have a ratio of 5 women to each male student.

Take a few deep breaths .... look around the office .... and realize that this is a golden opportunity to live again. My point is .. it's there if you slow down and look around.

Besides .... that NH beech was all talk and couldn't ski worth a schizz ..
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bad things happen three times in the row...so I think You will be in a lucky streak next year...donĀ“t worry!!
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Been there, doing that. Just seperated after 26 years. Hurts like hell at times, but.....

Off to ski in Kashmir in 2 weeks time and planning trip to Patagonia with friends. Just think of the opportuities ahead.

Wanders off whistling "Always look on the bright side of life...."
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