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Amatuer Ski Racing

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Is there anyone in SoCal that can help me get into any Amatuer Ski racing circuits down here? I don't have the slightest clue as to who I should contact, or how to even get in or get started?

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I don't believe that there is any adult ski racing in SoCal. Now, if you can bust phat moves in the park, there are plenty of competitions waiting for you.

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I'm not sure what mountain you're planning on hitting the most, but I would check a couple places.

NASTAR.com -
Good intro to the sport, and some of the races get fairly competitive. Mostly GS. A fun way for the whole family to race together.

US Masters website -
Depending on your age, this might also be an option. Masters offers coaching, which is a big advantage over NASTAR. In my experience, the courses are more technical and slalom courses are mixed in with the GS.

Town Leagues -
A lot of resorts host "town league" races, which are another source of gate bashing. They vary from resort to resort, and they usually aren't advertised all that well to anyone but ski town locals, but they are worth seeking out.

Ski Clubs -
A given resort usually has one or two ski clubs associated with it, and you can usually find them through their website. If they don't host races themselves, they usually know where to find them.

Hope this helps.

Alyeska Masters
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There are leagues of ski clubs that race one another and then as a league against leagues from Northern CA and Oregon. Check them out at
Club Racing

Then there are Masters races held at Mammoth and Lake Tahoe area resorts. You can check out there schedule at

Masters Racing

Masters is overall a higher level. However, there are some excellent racers in the Far West League with handicaps approaching 10. (That means they would comlete the course in 10% more time than the theoretical best racer.)
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I'm fairly certain that Mountain High runs an afternoon/evening race league once a week, as well as a boardercross event (they accept skiers, but there aren't a lot of them). Snow Summit definitely has a Friday night Race leauge as well, and finally there is some sort of race club at Bear Mountain that takes over a run every Friday. I'm fairly certain anyone can join.

Here's the links to the above mountains:
Mountain High
Snow Summit
Bear Mountain
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Thanks everyone!
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Also many mountains have a race department that you could contact. Just with your home mountain.
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