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Atomic C:9 replacement

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I am an intermediate/advance skier skiing for about 9 years now and love the sport. I had been skiing on rental equipment and some 6 years ago I purchased a pair of Atomic Beta C-9 170 CM skis
I love these skiis. They have always responded in all slope conditions, as I am not a free rider, I cannot tell outside slopes..

I am now considering purchasing a replacement, but I cannot find an equivalent in the current Atomic range. Can anybody help ?. What about Rossignol 9 ?
I would like similar behaviour and feel if possible.I would greatly appreciate some feedback from you all.
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If you want to stick with a waist size close to the C-9 then you should look at the the sx-10 or sx-9. If you want to try out something more along the lines of the Z-9 in an atomic, then look to the blackeye or the whiteout (18 mtr radius), or in the metron line the M11B5 connected 9 (15 mtr radius), which is almost identical to the Z-9 in shape but with a more even flex. I don't think any of these Atomics will dissapoint you given that you liked the C-9 so well. The nomads and the M-11B5 connected will give you better all mountain performance. you may want to look at the MB5 as well.
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Hello RicB,
Many thanks for your comments and useful info !
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I have both a C-9 and the Atomic M11B5 in the 170cm length, so it is easy to compare them. The energy is similar, and so is the "Atomic" ride. The C-9 is quicker, lighter, and less stable. The M11B5 weighs quite a bit more, therefore is consequently more stable. The extra width makes it more all mountain, but less tossable. The M11B5 is more damp, and less disturbed by variable terrain. It has more substance, beef. Atomic skis that are closer to the C-9 are the SX-9 or 10, and perhaps something in the Nomad line, which I have not demoed. I believe the Izor series were the replacement for the C's.
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